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Agnisakshi 26th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with Jeevika pleading with Satvik to sign the papers before it’s too late. Overwhelmed with emotions, she retreats to the washroom and sobs. Meanwhile, Satvik reminisces about their happy moments together. He stands outside the washroom, his hand pressed against the door. As he enters the kitchen, he ponders on how to stop Jeevika from going through with the divorce. Suddenly, Shlok appears and asks Satvik how he is doing. In a nonchalant manner, Satvik replies that everything is as per usual. Shlok picks up the divorce papers, but Satvik quickly snatches them and takes a sip of water instead. He shares his frustration at always trying to do what’s right, yet always ending up hurting someone in the process. Shlok then asks if everything is alright between Jeevika and him. Satvik sadly reflects on their tumultuous journey together and predicts a similar future for them as his parents had faced before them – unable to stay together for a lifetime.

Jeevika turns to Bappa and questions why their paths have crossed if they are not meant to be together. She wonders why her mother labeled him as her Krishna, and why he didn’t reveal himself as Meera rather than Rukmini. In response, Narayan expresses his gratitude for Jeevika’s return and commends Satvik for all the good that has come since she entered his life. Aadhya playfully teases Satvik, prompting Narayan to assign him the task of handling their previous clients on his own. Despite Rajnandini’s offer to assist, Narayan insists that Satvik handle it independently.

Upon receiving Rohit’s call, Rajnandini taunts him. Rohit asks when you are going to give me money. Rajnandini instigates him, asking who he wants to kill. Rohit asks her to just wait. He asks him to harm her, but not Satvik and Jeevika. Rohit says he will kill Satvik and Jeevika. Rajnandini smiles and says I am making you do this.

Aadhya requested Shlok to give her a ride to college, but shortly after Satvik appeared. She informed Jeevika that she needed to go to the temple for mannat (fulfillment of a wish). Jeevika insisted on going alone and declined any assistance. Satvik left, while Rohit spoke with the hired thug, instructing him to eliminate Satvik. Meanwhile, Satvik was conversing with Sampath on the phone and making arrangements for some documents. The hired gun tailed Satvik and threw nails in his path. In response, Satvik decided to turn back and take Jeevika to the temple instead. Unaware of this exchange, the thug watched as Rajnandini called Satvik. He explained that he was going back to pick up Jeevika for the important mannat. Rajnandini expressed concern about his actions for someone else’s sake, but Satvik reassured her that Jeevika was not just anyone. The thug followed them all the way to the temple and reported back to Rohit. Frustrated at his failure to kill Satvik, Rohit directed him to focus on killing his wife instead as revenge for

Pallavi inquires with Sukanya about Jeevika’s belongings and whether they will be donated to charity. However, Sukanya mentions that Jeevika’s medical file cannot be located. Shortly after, Satvik arrives at the temple and approaches Jeevika, who is accompanied by Swara. Despite Sukanya’s earlier remark about the missing file, Swara reveals that it is actually in Jeevika’s sasural. With this information, Jeevika turns to Satvik and questions his sudden appearance. He explains that he has come to fulfill a mannat for her. This prompts Jeevika to reflect on their marriage and the recent divorce papers she received. While Satvik suggests they complete the mannat together, she reminds him that God is aware of their true relationship and there is no need for pretense in this sacred place. As they stand facing each other, the song “Agnisakshi” plays in the background.


As Jeevika throws Kalash at Satvik, it hits a man behind him, who was about to stab him. The man tells Satvik and his family that Rajnandini planned everything.

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