Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th October 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th October 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Rumi angrily breaks things around and Sahiba tries to run and falls down. Sahiba tells Rumi that Angad is her husband and she will take his name 1,000 times. Rumi asks if she is hurt and asks her to stop calling him Angad. Rumi threatens her to tell him she loves him by picking up a broken glass piece and telling him that he means nothing to her. Sahiba warns him that he is nothing to her and asks her to leave before Angad comes there and punishes him. Rumi picks up a broken glass piece and threatens her.

Rumi attacks Angad as soon as he reaches the house. Angad holds his hand, asks why he dares to touch Sahiba, and punches him hard. Rumi falls down. Angad holds Sahiba’s hand tightly and assures her that he is here now. Rumi attacks him again. Angad pins him to the table and says he is Rumi Baweja and calls himself Karthika. Sahiba asks why. Rumi says to get closer to her.

Afraid of him, Angad says Sahiba is his wife, how dare he disturb her. Rumi starts bleeding, but keeps shouting “I love you Sahiba.” Angad kicks him away. Rumi falls down breaking the door. Sahiba stops Angad from killing Rumi. Rumi thinks Sahiba cares about him, and soon she will be with him. Sahiba tells Angad that if anything happens to Rumi, he will get into trouble, so let the police handle Rumi. Angad attempts to contact the police.

Rumi pleaded with Angad, grasping his feet, not to involve the police. He feared for his life and the possibility of losing his mother forever. As Pam and the guards regained consciousness, Angad cautioned Rumi to end his theatrics and think before causing trouble for Sahiba or attempting to harm him. Rumi apologized to Sahiba for falling in love with her and attempting to possess her. He realized that she belonged to Angad and could never be his. In response, Angad warned Rumi against objectifying Sahiba as he did not see her as a mere servant but a human being. He also pointed out how girls were at risk because of Rumi’s actions.

Angad refuses to spare Rumi and decides to hand him over to the police. Sahiba asks Angad to let Rumi go as Angad already punished him for his mistake. Rumi says he will move to the USA today itself and send them a proof. Angad spares Rumi. He thanks Sahiba for sparing him and says he won’t be in front of her again.

Angad will go directly to the airport from here and asks Pam to get him a shirt as he doesn’t want any interruptions in his boarding process. Rumi thanks Angad. Rumi changes his shirt and leaves for the airport. Rumi is dropped off at the airport and both of them wait until he boards the plane. Sahiba thanks Angad for saving her from Rumi. Sahiba doesn’t need to thank him, her safety is important to him. After saying it’s time for them to leave, Sahiba begins walking.

The family is surprised when Seerat serves lassi. Manveer says it is delicious. She says she learned from her and calls her mamma, then maamiji. The family is surprised. Jaspal says it is delicious. Jasleen tells Japjot that Manveer is paying extra attention to Seerat, and if she had done the same with Sahiba, Sahiba wouldn’t have left home. Simran approaches them and gives them her birthday invitation.

Simran’s request to celebrate her birthday with Angad and Sahiba recalls Inder’s prayer that God will do a miracle and bring Sahiba home. Sahiba tells Angad she should return to Brar mansion. He says he just wants to clear their differences and she should remember that they are husband and wife. Sahiba asks him to hold his emotions and reminds him that he let her go.


Manveer says Angad’s first choice was Seerat, but Angad was tricked and married to Sahiba. She wants to correct that mistake by getting him to divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. The Sahiba is upset and leaves. As Angad walks behind her, he is shocked to see her attempt suicide by slitting her throat.


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