Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th December 2023 Written Episode: Ruhi Confronts Armaan and Abhira’s Marriage!

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The Episode began with Dadi urging Sanjay to take notice of the ongoing situation. Sanjay responded by offering to explain things to Kajal but requested Dadi’s assistance in handling Rohit since they had already lost Armaan. Dadi emphasized that their values could not be compromised and expressed her desire for the girl to face defeat. Abhira came across Armaan’s family photos. Armaan attempted to speak, but Sanjay noted that history was repeating itself. Dadi declared they needed to act quickly, as love can easily turn into a raging fire. Sanjay reminded them that they only had Armaan because of Madhav’s mistake and promised to end this matter, ensuring the marriage remained a secret in the city.

Keeping the toy tortoise on his lap, Armaan asks Abhira to sit. She says Abhira has become Armaan’s wife, but we won’t allow her to stay. He asks Abhira to have water and dry fruits. He says tell me if you want anything else. He leaves. Akshara recalls Akshara’s words and cries. She yells Mother, I need you. Ruhi sits crying. She does not see Manish’s call. She recalls Armaan and Abhira. She says Abhira is the girl who answered my call. He nods.

During their video call, Rohit addresses Manish while Surekha interjects with a joke. Rohit then compliments Surekha for her humor. Suwarna expresses concern about Ruhi’s absence, and Rohit shares his frustration with being overshadowed by her since she arrived. He plans to come to Manish’s house, which he recognizes as his own, but first offers to let them speak to Ruhi. Abhira walks in, and Rohit checks everyone’s well-being. Surekha asks who she is referring to as “Bhabhi,” while Rohit inquires about the whereabouts of “Bhaiya.” Unfortunately, he cannot locate Ruhi and suggests she call them instead.

Manish says, “I feel it was Abhira’s voice.” Surekha inquires, “What will she do there? Perhaps some distant relatives have arrived.” Rohit offers, “Armaan goes for walks often; don’t worry. I’ll keep you company.” Abhira assures them, “Thanks for your concern. I am fine. Let me make hot chocolate for you, and then we can go find Armaan.” Ruhi expresses her doubts, “I don’t know if your story is true or not.” Armaan defends himself, saying, “I would never stoop so low as to fake someone’s death.” She retorts, “I don’t even know you.” He pleads with her to understand, stating, “Please try to comprehend the situation.” She reminds him of his previous statement about Abhira not being his girlfriend and mocks him by saying, “Now suddenly she is your wife? You got married within two days?”

He claims I was helpless. He says you made me marry Rohit, stop acting; you should have told me before; my life would have become more manageable, and you have just lied to me; you said you loved me, lie, you promised me, and it’s a lie. The cousins discuss Abhira. They see Rohit and Abhira. She leaves. Rohit scolds them and asks them to value relationships. He says Abhira is our Bhabhi. She says Abhira is now your wife. Armaan says Abhira is just a namesake.

Ruhi accuses you of treating your marriage to Abhira as a game. She reminds you that you are Abhira’s husband, and she is Rohit’s wife. She begs you not to deny the existence of something between you and Abhira. She trusted you but no longer does. Just then, they spot Abhira approaching them. Ruhi quickly wipes away her tears. Abhira acknowledges the rumors surrounding her and brushes it off with a nonchalant “It’s okay.” Rohit finally arrives with hot chocolate and playfully questions their lack of chatter. Upon seeing Abhira and Ruhi’s sad expressions, he realizes something is amiss and suggests they enjoy their drinks while he talks to Manish about his dream of going on a double date. As Ruhi walks away, Rohit encourages Abhira and himself to indulge in the hot chocolate before leaving the scene.

Armaan refers to you as Dhruv Tara and Akshara Mam. Abhira wonders where his destiny has led him. Vidya searches for medication. Manish assures that milk will help one sleep. Madhav mentions that Maasa has lost sleep. Manoj believes Abhira will not give up. Manisha asks if you will ever accept that girl. Vidya firmly responds with a “never.” Madhav adds that more than half of the family is against her, but Armaan remains strong in support. He promises to protect Abhira from anything harmful. Manisha points out how if Rohit had gotten married without informing you, you would have accepted his wife, as one forgives their blood. She then exits, leaving Vidya in tears once again.

As Ruhi tries to sleep, Armaan says that if I got in, she would get awkward. Abhira sits in the kitchen and cries. Armaan also sits in the kitchen crying. Yeh Rishta…plays…


Vidya asks if we can also do Abhira’s mu dikhai rasam. Armaan suggests Ruhi become Abhira’s friend.

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