Faltu 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update

In the small village of Ittarpur in Rajasthan, twins are born on a fateful night. Unfortunately, the boy dies right after his birth, and the family mourns his loss. The family already had three daughters.

Everyone blames the girl for the death of her brother and calls her Faltu during the naming ceremony.

As the girl grows up, she is bullied at school. Her father also loses his position as head of the family since he was unable to give the family a son.

While everyone in her family is against her, it is only her father who keeps nurturing her. She promises her father that one day she will make her parents proud.

When picking mangoes one day, she realizes that she is a great batsman. She takes the lead during Navratri when some boys play loud music and disturb the Faltu family. However, her family keeps educating her about it. They keep telling her that since she is not a boy, she cannot do all the things a boy can.

In her mother’s words, she is tired of her because she is the reason her son died. As Faltu’s father comes to her rescue once again, he tells her that she shouldn’t have quit school because it would have given her a chance to succeed. She will make him proud one day, he says.

On the other hand, an owner of a sports store in Mumbai gets into a spat with angry customers. Despite the fact that he had promised his baba not to touch a bat ever again in his life, Ayan picks up the bat to show off some of his moves to the angry cricketers. Despite the cricketers’ doubts, he plays well and proves them wrong.

Faltu’s cousin tries to convince her to play for Ittarpur’s cricket team since one of the players is injured.

He is told that his father is an established businessman and must leave for Itarpur right away because their branch there is losing money, and he wants his name listed as one of the year’s most successful businessmen. Ayan’s sister tries to convince her dad to let her go to Rajasthan with Ayan. As Ayan’s wedding date was to be fixed during Navratri, Ayan’s mother tries to tell her husband that he can send Ayan after Navratri. However, Ayan’s father refuses.

In Ittarpur, the younger brother of Faltu’s father removes his name from the guest house he was running for years. He says that after him this guest house won’t be run by his daughters so he has decided to take it over. In the future, at least his sons will run it. According to him, daughters burden the family, and he is marrying three daughters.

When Ayan and his sisters reach Rajasthan, Ayan tells her they must put themselves in the shoes of these villagers to establish a successful business. When Ittarpur’s team lost a player who was ill, Faltu stepped up and agreed to play in his place. The team needed 18 runs in 5 balls and Faltu decided to play because she wanted to make her dad proud by winning the prize money.

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