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Anupama written update

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Kavya asks him to relax as there must be a reason why Anuj betrayed Anupama. Samar says Anuj clearly told him he wanted to live with Maaya, not Anupama, so it was a clear betrayal. Vanraj says Anuj wants to avenge Anupama by hurting her back. He has no plans to return.

According to Kavya, Vanraj has a tendency to betray and hurt people, whereas Anuj does not exhibit such behaviour. Paakhi suggests that there must be a reason behind Anuj’s actions, pointing out that he genuinely intended to return but stopped for the parent-teacher meeting, indicating that something significant might have occurred. Hasmukh interjects, stating that there is no reason more powerful than love, but acknowledging that Anuj’s behaviour was indeed inappropriate.

Ankush declares his intention to travel to Mumbai the following day to investigate the reason behind Anuj’s actions, firmly believing that someone must have influenced him. Barkha exclaims loudly that Anuj is not a child. Meanwhile, Anupama retreats to her room and proceeds to remove her makeup, accompanied by the melodious tune of “Do Naina Ek Kahani…” playing in the background.

As Kanta hugs her, he tells her that this is why she was uncertain about Anuj’s promise, he never showed up even after she talked to him and confirmed his promise. Anupama says her and Anuj’s companionship was only for this time, and now it’s time to go their separate ways. Kanta asks her how she’s feeling. It hurts Anupama, and she’s surprised she didn’t suffer a heart attack. She won’t open Anuj’s chapter again, but rather start anew.

When the Shahs return home, Leela says she warned them not to visit Anupama, but they did anyway and went to celebrate with her. Vanraj claims he knew Anuj wouldn’t return, and criticizes Anuj’s actions. Kavya says the issue is something else, and Kinjal agrees.

Vanraj remarks that they are still under the illusion that Anuj would come back and that they are supporting him. Samar said Anuj lost respect after his betrayal. Kavya says she feels. Vanraj stops and continues his point. Kavya says he will never understand anyone’s situation, whether it’s Anuj, Anupama, or his wife Kavya just wants to think about himself. Vanraj asks her what she needs.

Vanraj says he didn’t stop her from working as she left her husband and career because of him, but Kavya says she needs him. He says he didn’t stop her from working. He wants to overpower his wife; a husband isn’t a warden to control his wife; he refused to let his wife take up Delhi jobs and stopped his modelling career before it started. Leela asks them to stop fighting because wearing skimpy clothes and taking photos isn’t modelling.

Kavya asks Vanraj to be specific and explains that when they are dreaming to bring Anupama home, why can’t she talk to Anirudh; why doesn’t he realize that he is only a father to her children?

She then tongue-lashed him for letting her have children and said it was a good thing she did not have children because otherwise, she wouldn’t be ashamed to tell them that Vanraj is their father. Hasmukh shouts that it should stop and fight again after he dies. Paakhi is tongue lashed by Adhik at the Kapadia mansion for trying to keep Anuj and Anupama apart and losing even a 5% chance of reuniting. Barkha joins him.

Then Akush criticizes Vanraj and Toshu and says that he would not stay with them because they are toxic. Anuj and Anupama will never return to this house, so Paakhi has the choice between staying here or leaving. Paakhi asks Adhik if he will not accompany her to their house. Adhik says no. Paakhi says she will stay wherever her husband stays then.

Anupama lying in bed remembers quality time with Anuj. Do Nainaa.. song continues in the background. Bhairavi wipes her tears and asks if she’s also not getting enough sleep. Anupama says no. Bhairavi says she always smiles when she thinks of her father, who scolded her and even loved her deeply.

Anupama shares that her father expressed concern for her and advised them to cherish only the good memories, leaving behind the bitter ones. Bhairavi says she smiles whenever she remembers her father. Anupama says she should continue smiling. We should go to bed then, Bhairiavi says, as she has to sell vegetables in the morning.

Anupama makes her sleep. She thinks she’s hurt that he informed his decision and not reason, and prays to God to keep him and Little Anu wherever they are, she loves him but will not wait for him again. In the morning, Kavya leaves her room with her bag. Kinjal asks if she’s going anywhere. Kavya says she’s willing to stay in this house, but has no heart for it, so she’s leaving. Shahs are shocked to hear this.

When Kanta notices Anupama searching for something, she tells him what she’s looking for. Anupama reveals that her students presented her with an advertisement for an international cultural group visiting Ahmedabad. Anupama says dance class isn’t enough and she needs to do something else. Kanta asks her to promise something.


Upon hearing Kinjal was accepted into the Guruma Malti Devi’s gurukul, Anupama informs Kanta. Kavya leaves the house, warning Vanraj that one day he will be alone with no one to support him. Vanraj collapses.

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