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Faltu Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dadi shouting fire. Ayaan and Faltu rush to see. Tanu counts and runs to save Dadi. Dadi shouts to Faltu and Ayaan. Tanu manages to put off the fire. She hugs Dadi and tells her to calm down. She takes Dadi with her.

Ayaan and everyone arrive. Dadi says the fire caught up in the room; Tanu saved me. Tanu says she saw smoke coming from the room; Dadi was shouting. Faltu and Ayaan ask Tanu how the fire caught up in her room. Amar says Tanu asked for candles, so maybe one fell. Sumitra thanks God Tanu arrived on time. Savita requests Amar to tidy up the room. Tanu says she’s fine. Sid asks Sumitra to get ice. He scolds her. Faltu says he will apply ointment. Tanu says to call the doctor.

As Ayaan speaks, he mentions that the doctor will examine both Dadi and Tanisha. Faltu offers to apply ointment for Ayaan’s relief. Sumitra inquires why Tanu risked her life to save Dadi. Ayaan expresses gratitude to Tanu, while Janardhan also thanks her.

Tanu turns to Dadi and says, “I love you.” Dadi smiles in response. Tanu adds that sometimes one must let go of something to gain something else, and she has found a place in her family’s heart. She asserts that Faltu is going to bring disgrace to everyone and that Ayaan won’t love Tanu anymore nor be hers. Perplexed, Ayaan asks what she means. Faltu interjects, stating that she wants to reveal the truth, prompting others to encourage her to speak up.

The coach asks her to check her weight. She says it’s the same, that’s great, you need to focus on your game. Shanaya is pretty good, I feel like her injury has healed. “I’m impressed by Shanaya,” he remarks. “She believes that I am involved in this deception.” Faltu contemplates, “Soon, you will receive some good news.” He observes, “You are always concerned.”

She says I’m worried about Dadi. He says he will fix everything, don’t worry. He goes. She gets a call from Ruhaan. Ruhaan gets angry and speaks to his manager and lawyer. He says how can he drag us, he didn’t see my power, he got some proof, he’s not a fool, call Kanika and find out if she got a court notice, how will she deal with it, I can’t lose the business and suffer a big loss.

Ruhaan says Ayaan would have told Faltu everything, so she might refuse to play for Shanaya, no. Shanaya comes and asks to wish her luck. He says you look very beautiful today. It’s our last match for state trials selection, pray that everything goes well, Faltu will be there, otherwise, who will play for me?

He insists, “Go and tell me everything, don’t hide anything from me.” She consents and embraces him. As he departs, he resolves, “I must meet Faltu. Perhaps she is playing a game with me. I will shatter her life.”

I will accompany you, Ayaan says. Faltu says no, go to the office. He says this match is important, the selectors will be there, this academy is big, the media will be there, and you’ll get distracted. She says you don’t have to leave work to watch the game. He asks what happened.

She responds, “Alright, come along if you wish.” Kanika arrives home. Faltu assures, “Tanu is doing well. The doctor said she will be fine, and she saved Dadi’s life.” Kanika reveals, “I found out about it. Everyone has misunderstood the situation. She didn’t find happiness here.” She then questions Ayaan, “Do you believe that by filing a lawsuit, you will regain your house and business?” Ayaan receives a scolding in response

Kanika tells Sumitra that she came to meet Tanu. She tells Ayaan that he is doing the wrong thing, that he will not get anything, and that he will lose everything if you don’t act wise. Ayaan tells Kanika to worry for herself and Tanu, and he is there for his family. Kanika leaves.

He asks Kinshuk, “Did you file a case?” Faltu asks, “Will we get everything back?” Ayaan says, “Just think about cricket, not this.” She thinks to get any hope and refuses to play for Shanaya. He says, “Kinshuk, nobody should know.” Sumitra says Kanika, you will get trapped, Sid and I won’t be affected.

The girl says she’s worried about what proof Ayaan has. Sumitra declares, “Ruhaan will not return everything to Ayaan.”. She asks where Tanu is. Sumitra says she’s gone for some work, she doesn’t listen to me, and she’s working hard to win Dadi’s affection. Tanu seems to have something on her mind, Kanika thinks.


When Faltu goes to play Shanaya, the media questions her. They see Shanaya. Ayaan takes Faltu along with him and confronts her, causing her to break into tears.

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