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During the episode, the kidnappers shout at Payal. They see Bindiya coming on a bike and decide to ask her. The lady asks Bindiya if she knows a place where there is no police checkpoint since her mother is ill.

Upon hearing her, Payal attempts to shout, but the other lady swiftly covers her mouth. Bindiya, on the verge of leaving, pauses as the car starts to move. Suddenly, Payal cries out, calling for Bindi, and looks back from the car. Bindiya catches Payal’s voice and turns to gaze at her face. Overwhelmed, Bindiya exclaims, “Pallu!” Bindiya hurls the mud glass at the car’s mirror, shattering it. The driver loses control, causing the vehicle to veer to the side. Dadi grows concerned for Bindiya and fervently prays to God for assistance.

Upon hearing the sound of breaking glass, the police officers to whom Bindiya had sold tea to become alerted. They instruct a constable to investigate the source of the noise. The constable arrives at the scene, while the kidnappers catch sight of the police and hastily speed away. Bindiya implores the constable to halt the car, as her sister is trapped inside.

After seeing the burning farm, Phoolwati and Bhim are delighted. She says that now the harvest won’t come, and Bindiya will only earn ashes by selling this farm. Phoolwati’s dupatta catches fire and her hand gets slightly burned. She says that they will know they are alone and no one is with them.

The dupatta is taken off by Bhim and the fire is set off. Phoolwati says they should take it, since it is proof. They leave. Bindiya asks the Inspector to search her sister and says she told them where the police wouldn’t look. According to her, she had no idea they could lie about their mother.

Upon noticing the police jeep and the checkpoint across the way, the kidnappers swiftly exit the vehicle, abandoning Payal inside, and flee on foot. When the constables catch them, the inspector asks Payal to come down, but Payal refuses to do so because she is scared. Bindiya calls Payal. When Payal sees Bindiya, she comes out and hugs her. The song plays……Bhim and Phoolwati return home. Phoolwati asks him to destroy the dupatta. She rolls the dupatta as a ball and throws it on top of the terrace as a ball.

Tears stream down Payal’s face as Bindiya inquires whether Mama and Mami are aware of her existence. Bindiya says, “OK, tell me whenever you feel like it.” Inspector tells Payal he can save her because Bindiya is smart. The inspector drops them off on the way, as they have to pick up Baba’s cycle. He tells Inspector about Baba’s advice not to bother anyone.

In Madan’s house, Bansi threatens them. After hearing Payal, Bindiya says I cannot comprehend how bad they can be. She says Mami said she became a mother after getting us. Then Payal tells her she used to make her work so hard, keep her hungry, and scold her a lot.

Payal questions why Bindiya didn’t come to rescue her, insisting that it was all a ruse. Bindiya explains that she had actually set out from the home to retrieve Payal, but Bhim had intentionally distracted her to allow Bua to sell the farm. Bindiya reveals that she managed to save the farm and shares the details of Phoolwati’s challenge.

As they leave, Bindiya apologizes and asks Payal not to leave her. Payal promises her. They go to the house. Payal asks what you were doing at night. Bindiya tells her that God sent her. They are leaving.

Bindiya and Rekha are going home when Bindiya and Rekha hear about a fire on the farm. Bansi asks Rekha to make pegs and bring ice cubes. When they arrive at their farm and find it burning, they find the villagers trying to put it out. Kaka comes over and says your farm is burned. Payal says our farm is burnt. They both cry.

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