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Meet 16th April 2023, written update on

Shagun exclaims, “What are you doing here, Meet?” and angrily hurls utensils. Manmeet, with a blindfold on, assures Meet that he won’t let anything happen to him and urges Shagun to address any issues with him instead. He shouts, “Untie my hands!” Shagun starts hitting herself and cries out, “I’m bleeding, Manmeet!” This causes Manmeet to become extremely worried.

As Shagun plays a voice note from Meet, he says, “I will not leave you, Manmeet. You have cheated a lot.” Shagun begins saying she won’t leave me. Seeing everything from outside, Meet says that Shagun did everything and that she attacked Manmeet, she’s hurting him to get him, so I’ll disclose my identity if that’s what I want to do.

Jasodha is in her room. Meet walks over and closes the door. Jasodha asks why you locked the door. Meenakshi says I am not your nurse I am your daughter in law Meet reveals her identity. Jasodha is stunned. I came back to learn who attacked Manmeet, and I have doubts it is Shagun.

Jasodha says I don’t believe you if you say anything about her. Jasodha says I heard you say something about the incident this morning. In Jasodha’s words, Sarkar told me Meet was going to try to get into his house, and he planned to trap you, so I’m going to tell Sarkar you’re living with his son now. Meet says someone is trying to frame me, and Jasodha says I won’t listen to you and will tell everyone your truth, so she is taken out.

Shagun and Manmeet shout as Sarkar, Mahendra, Gunwanti, and Sapna walk inside the house. In the corridor, Jasodha tells Meet I’ll bring the truth to everyone. Shagun shouts for help. Manmeet says unlock my handcuffs. Shagun slams the door and opens the handcuffs.

Manmeet asks Shagun where she is. Shagun says she ran away, and hugs him tightly, saying, “Please don’t leave me, I’m scared.” Sarkar outside the room asks what is happening. She opens the door and says Meet was here and she attacked Meet. She hurt me badly and ran away before we could act.

Outside the room, Jasodha and Meet overhear the entire conversation. Jasodha questions Sarkar why he didn’t intervene to stop Manmeet. Shagun explains that Manmeet was feeling weak due to medication. Jasodha is taken aback by this revelation. Sapna asks Meet if he witnessed everything. Shagun responds that they couldn’t see her because she had turned off the lights, but she managed to catch a glimpse of her using the flashlight on her phone.

Sarkar gets angry when Meet tells Jasodha she’s trying to trick everyone by handcuffing Manmeet while I’m out of the room and showing him whatever she wants to show him. Sarkar says Meet has crossed all the limits. Meet pleads with Jasodha to trust him, asserting that he never assaulted Manmeet and that everything being said is a falsehood. Sarkar insists that they must apprehend Meet, and everyone exits the room.

Sarkar asks Mahendra to tighten security; Gunwanti treats Shagun’s wounds. Despite tight security, Shagun says nothing will happen, she’s mad and wants to hurt Manmeet, but if she succeeds in killing him, what will we do then? Please send Manmeet overseas and I’ll be with him to take care of him.

Jasodha tells Meet that she is tricking everyone. Sarkar says to Manmeet that you and Shagun will go abroad until we find Meet. Manmeet says I haven’t been away from you since I was a child. We kept you separated for life last time as well and will do the same again if it becomes necessary. I will deal with Meet when you leave here and ask Mahendra to book tickets for you.

Sarkar declares, “I have made up my mind, and I won’t go against it. Once she is gone, you can come back.” Shagun embraces Manmeet tightly, stating that she has achieved what she desired, and now they can be alone without any disruptions.

When Jasodha takes Meet to her, he tells him that you have 24 hours to prove himself innocent or else he will tell the truth in front of everyone. I promise you to bring the culprit to you if I lose I will lose Manmeet. Meet says these 24 hours are necessary for me if I lose I will lose Manmeet.

Her friend and Sapna were in the market when she saw the boy who helped her retrieve her bag from a thief hugging him. Sapna said he was tricking me to impress me, he walked up to him and slapped him hard. Sapna says you are a cheap guy. Yesterday you made him a thief and today you are hugging him.

He scolds her for her actions and asks her what she thinks of herself. He then walks away, saying he does not care about what you think of him. He says he called Sapna to give me some work so that I could stop stealing and work for my family. Sapna apologizes for her actions and tells her friend I need to apologize to him but I don’t have his number.

Nitin receives a phone call and confidently assures the caller not to worry, as he will successfully ensnare Manmeet’s sister. The thief reveals that he has Nitin’s contact information and hands it over to her. A boy standing behind them discreetly signals to the thief, indicating that the mission has been accomplished.

Sarkar sees Anuja packing Manmeet’s luggage. Manmeet in tears walking. Jasodha walks to him, he hugs her tightly, and starts crying. During our time, traveling abroad was dangerous, but now it is relatively easy. I will video call you every day to disturb you, and if I continue to feel bad, I will ask Bapu Sarkar to send me there.

Manmeet remarks that they all appear to be frightened of Meet, behaving like fleeing thieves. Sarkar asserts that running away is not in the nature of their family, and everyone’s focus is on finding Meet. The sole reason for sending him to London is to receive treatment from a skilled doctor. Jasodha advises Manmeet to depart but advises him not to shed tears.

Meet watches Manmeet and Jasodha outside the room. As Manmeet calms Jasodha down, he says, “When you come to me, you’ll bring everyone’s love with you.”. Once again, I have to part ways with my family because of Meet. My aspiration was to pursue wrestling and lead a contented life with my loved ones, but this Meet has shattered my dreams and disrupted my life.

When she stood by your side, I believed she was a good girl, but little did I know she concealed a knife in her hand. I despise her mother, and I implore Bapu Sarkar not to make me leave. In the next 24 hours, I will unveil Shagun’s true identity in front of everyone to fulfil your wish to be with your family. I promise that your dream will not be left unfulfilled


In front of everyone, Meet begins acting as if she has been possessed by God and tells Shagun that her hands are covered in blood.


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