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The episode begins with Phoolwati asking Bindiya if she should call the buyer. Bindiya agrees and asks about the injury on Phoolwati’s hand. Phoolwati makes up an excuse and informs them that she has messaged the seller. Someone knocks on the door, and Payal wonders if it’s Mama. However, Bindiya reveals that it’s the veterinary doctor for their cow, Ram Pyaari. She leaves to attend to the doctor.

Upon returning, Bindiya tells Dadi that the doctor gave an injection to Ram Pyaari and assures them that she will recover soon. Bindiya suggests selling the farm to generate money. Payal questions if they are not favoured by any God. Bindiya reassures her that it’s not the case. Payal then expresses her need to use the restroom, and Bindiya tells her to go. Payal stands outside the house and questions God if they are not His favourites.

Phoolwati’s dupatta falls from the rooftop, catching Bindiya’s attention. She realizes that Phoolwati has set the farm on fire. Bindiya shows the evidence to Dadi and decides to confront Phoolwati. However, Dadi advises against it, fearing that Phoolwati will retaliate violently. Dadi expresses her shame in giving birth to Phoolwati. Payal also voices her disapproval of Bua and Mama. Dadi describes Madan as worse than Kans, a mythological character known for his cruelty. Bindiya suggests learning from their mistakes and acknowledges that they should not trust anyone easily. She proposes forcing Phoolwati to leave and asks Payal if she will support her. Payal agrees, stating that she has always wanted Phoolwati to leave. Dadi reveals that Phoolwati has arranged a meeting with a buyer for the next day.

Phoolwati talks to the buyer on the phone and asks Bindiya to get ready as the buyer is coming. She mentions the previous incident and expresses her excitement about selling the farm. Bindiya silently agrees. Dadi comments that Phoolwati puts on a sweet act. Bindiya assures Dadi that everything will go according to Bua’s plan. Bhim asks Phoolwati why she’s behaving strangely, as he has never seen her talk so nicely. Phoolwati explains that she doesn’t want the buyers to back out.

Bindiya and Payal examine the papers and realize that they can save their farm. They visit Ram Pyaari and Payal tells Bindiya that she can do anything as she has befriended the cow. They witness Phoolwati instructing Bhim to clean and arrange the bed according to the buyer’s preferences. Phoolwati mentions specific requirements such as the colour of the bedsheet and the tea made from a particular cow’s milk. She sends Bindiya to fetch cow milk. Madan tries to negotiate a price of 6 lakhs with someone, but the person refuses. Madan comes up with an idea.

Bindiya and Payal return home with cow milk, and Bindiya feels saddened by the sight of the burnt farm. Kaka reassures them, explaining that farmers burn their farms after the harvest to prepare for the next crop. Bindiya and Payal feel relieved and happy.

Phoolwati wonders why they haven’t returned yet. Bhim brings the milk inside, and Phoolwati instructs him to make tea. Bindiya and Payal hide from Phoolwati. Dadi calls forPhoolwati, and Phoolwati calls for the girls. Bindiya signals Dadi and asks Payal to handle the situation inside while she takes care of things outside. Bindiya releases a cat from a basket, hoping it will help her. As the buyer arrives, the cat crosses his path, which he deems inauspicious and decides to wait.

In the precap, Chacha asks Amma to sign the papers, while Phoolwati prepares to count down and urges Amma to sign when she reaches “1.”

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