Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Angad Uncovers Seerat’s Plot


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Prabjot flirts with courier office manager Sukhi and promises to take him out for coffee if he answers her questions. She asks whether the suspicious man’s parcel came again. He says the parcel arrived, but the man has not arrived yet. She gives him her number and asks him to call her if the man comes again. In the scene, Angad falls out of bed and calls Seerat for help.

She asked Seerat how he woke up so early after having medicine, thinking how he could wake up so early after having a hypnotic pill. Angad asked if she had given him a painkiller or hypnotic. She said pain killer. Instead of asking for her help, he takes the basement keys from her, and as soon as she leaves, he rushes towards the basement to find out what she is hiding.

Seerat’s aide, Prakash, arrives to receive the parcel. Sukhi informs Prabjot about his arrival. Prabjot and Sahiba help Prakash carry the parcel and check his ID. Prakash hesitates. Sahiba notices Manali address instead of Ludhiana and questions him. He walks away, saying it’s none of their business. Brar men bring the police to where Sahiba found Angad’s shoes.

A sniffer dog can locate Angad if he is near here, says Inspector Bisht. As she cannot stay away from her son for long, Manveer insists that she help them in the search. Prabjot calls Hansraj and tells him that something is wrong. Prakash sprays chloroform on her nose, causing her to collapse. He then kidnaps her. Sahiba hides in his truck after he searches for him.

As Angad descends into the basement, he is taken aback by the sight of a fully equipped operating theater. A nearby file containing his and Seerat’s chosen man’s picture triggers memories of recent events with Seerat – from catching her attempting to harm Sahiba to kicking her out of the house. It dawns on him that Seerat plans to replace his face with this man’s to have him all to herself. Meanwhile, Seerat tells Yash over the phone that she will not hesitate to take down anyone who stands in her way of getting Angad and turning him into Amar Sengupta. With a hint of anger, Angad vows to teach Seerat a lesson using her schemes against her.


After running to Sahiba in bed, he asks her to wake up and search for Baba. He disappears. Sahiba touches her stomach, revealing that she is pregnant.

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