Shiv Shakti (Zee) 8th November 2023 Written Episode: Mandira’s Challenge Revealed

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 8th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shiv inquires about Keertan’s thoughts on Rimjhim, while Mandira affirms it by nodding. With this assurance, Keertan approaches Rimjhim and embraces her tightly. He then confesses to Shiv that she is his everything. As Shiv and Shakti observe the interaction, Keertan reveals to Rimjhim that he received a call claiming she was at the mandap and did not elope, causing him great heartache. He feared losing his love but later discovered it was Shakti in the mandap, granting him relief. Keertan now seizes the opportunity to express his passion for Rimjhim and seek her forgiveness as he holds her close.

In response, Rimjhim says that it is not your fault. I am happy that you love me, too. I don’t care about anything else. Mandira smirked and remembered how she told Keertan to say he loved Rimjhim if Shakti doubted him. The flashback ends. Mandira smirked and said he had proved this to my son. Shakti asks why you didn’t call Rimjhim later on. Keertan says I was embarrassed because I didn’t come to take her.

She says that you could have called at least. Shiv encourages her to calm down and says it’s not a one-sided love story; it can end in marriage. We can talk to our families now. Shiv tells Shakti that we will have an in-law relationship now as Rimjhim is getting married to Keertan. Mandira smirks and says that’s my next plan. Shiv asks Mandira what’s happening. He says that he is just dropping off Shakti and Rimjhim.

When Keertan says I must go to the hospital, he smiles at Rimjhim and leaves. Mandira says I must do a pooja for Shiv’s safety, but Shakti glares at her and leaves. Shiv tells her Mandira is my saviour. She takes care of everything, including my medicines. Shakti suggests we talk to her about Keertan and Rimjhim. Shiv suggests we give her some time.

When Shakti asks Mandira what game she is playing now, she knows your son isn’t as innocent as he seems.. if anyone hurts Rimjhim, I won’t spare anyone. Shiv says he doesn’t think they are talking about Keertan. Rimjhim says he doesn’t know what they are talking about. Shiv says maybe they are talking about me. You locked Rimjhim in the storeroom and used Keertan to plant Ranjan. Shakti informs Mandira that she knows you were behind planting Ranjan.

Mandira compliments your intelligence with a smile. Let’s bet you can’t expose me again this time. I successfully used Keertan to make Rimjhim flee, but what evidence do you have against me? As the wind blows, Mandira wipes her face and confidently declares that history will repeat itself, and she will emerge victorious once more. She smiles at her opponent. Shakti informs Mandira that Shiv is unaware of her malice, but now he has Shakti in his life. Mandira challenges, “What can you do?” Shakti responds firmly, “I will uncover the truth and expose you soon. I am determined to rid Shiv’s life of your presence. You are like a Ravan in the form of a woman. With God on my side, do you accept my challenge?”

In a smirk, Mandira holds Shakti’s hand. She says Lord will be with me this time, so I accept your challenge. Rimjhim bets Shiv that they are talking about her college. Shiv gives Rimjhim money as a bet. Shakti sits in the car and says we were talking about college. Shiv asks what the plan is for Keertan and Rimjhim. Rimjhim blushes. Shakti thinks I have to expose Mandira’s plot.

Shiv and Shakti arrive at the college together. As they walk, Shiv expresses his admiration for Shakti as a student and takes her to see photos of the skilled doctors from their college. However, some students make unkind remarks about Shakti’s photo in the newspaper. To protect her from their comments, Shiv leads her to a cabin that holds significance to him as it belongs to his grandfather. He then guides her to his cabin, where she notices a photo of him with a smile. Despite Shiv’s attempt at conversation, Shakti is aware of people talking about them in hushed tones. She reflects on her scholarship win but acknowledges that there may be obstacles ahead.

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