Dabangii 15th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Arya Learns the Truth

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The Episode starts with Ankush saying Arya is my responsibility, not a burden. Kasturi taunts him and asks Bela if you understood what he said. Zai thinks we will win. Satya signs Jaanrao. Jaanrao announces the race and asks them to start. They all run. Bela and Zai rush. Satya thinks Ankush and Arya should win. Bela falls. Ankush thinks sorry, Bela, I have to win this race for Arya. Ankush and Arya win the race. Arya jumps with joy.

The leg of Ankush bleeds. Arya says I’ll get the laddoos; thanks, you’re the best. Tanmay says we lost because of you, Mum; Dad will scold me. Zai says Dad made us lose. Bela is sad. She opens the cloth. There are blood stains on the fabric. She says you’re hurt. Why did you run with me? Ankush remembers the injury.

Arya ties the cloth. Kasturi thinks everyone will notice the drama. Arya says it won’t bleed now. Bela wonders why it was vital for him to win. Tanmay says Zai, Arya and your dad won. Ankush, thanks, Arya. He says you participated with Bela; behave yourself. Bela says you behave yourself. What happened? Zai gets angry and pushes Arya down. Ankush scolds her.

Akush says you both should understand that she needs to be able to tolerate defeat. Kasturi thinks I was waiting for this drama. Aai says enough, calm down, it’s over. Satya says, Zai, don’t cry, I’ll buy the sweets shop for you. Ankush asks him what you’re doing, Zai is like a princess, and you’re scolding her now, why? Will you forget your old daughter when you get a new one?

She says Ankush isn’t her dad. Satya asks why you didn’t tell her. He says Ankush is your dad. Arya says he works with my dad. Satya says you’re his daughter. Arya says don’t lie, and he isn’t my father. Satya asks her to ask Ankush. Ankush shouts Zai. Bela tells her to stay away from us, and I’ll handle your daughter.

It’s not Bela, Akush says. Bela goes after Zai, and Arya returns home. Satya says the father-daughter union is essential. Aai says we’ll resolve this at home. Ankush looks for her. Arya packs her bag. She says I don’t want to stay here. Ankush asks what she’s doing. Arya says I’m going to find my dad, you lie a lot, you said my father sent you here.

She says you told everyone you are my dad, so Bela is angry with me because you lied about me. Ankush tries to explain to her why Satya did it. He says listen. She says my dad comes in my dreams, you can’t be my dad, he doesn’t be rude like you, he doesn’t lie, and I don’t want to stay here. Arya says she won’t listen to Baba, leave me. She pushes Baba away. Baba pushes her.

Baba gets injured, and Ankush rushes to his side. He questions Baba about the cause of the injury while apologizing on behalf of Arya. Kasturi appears sympathetic and urges Bela to comfort Zai. Aai suspects Kasturi’s motives, and Bela asks Tanmay to escort Zai inside. Bela then confronts Kasturi about her actions. Satya speaks up, stating that they cannot excuse Ankush’s behavior, and reveals that he has been through a lot because of him. He reminds Kasturi that this is their family and that he has not changed, unlike Ankush, who has hurt her countless times. Satya invites Kasturi to leave with him, and they exit together.

Bela wonders why I don’t know who my family is, Ankush. Arya says sorry, I’m not angry with you. I’ll do sit-ups. Baba says you won’t leave this house. Arya says fine. Ankush says fine.

Arya approaches Ankush, convinced that he is her father. She poses three questions to him, hoping for confirmation. However, Ankush remains silent, avoiding the questions. Arya expresses her disappointment, believing that a true father would have been able to answer them quickly. She declares that she will continue her search until she finds her real dad. Frustrated with Ankush’s lack of response, she storms off. In the meantime, Ankush promises himself that he will not let Arya find her father. The following day, Arya wakes up and prays for guidance in finding her missing parent. She then plays while Baba advises her to stay close by. Feeling guilty about taking money from Ankush’s wallet, Arya leaves and promises to return the money once she finds her dad. In the background, Zai and Bela play happily under their father’s watchful eye. Upon spotting them, Ankush greets his daughters warmly.

Arya tricks Baba and leaves. She says he won’t know I’ve run away, sorry to fool him. He says I miss you and love you a lot, Zai. Zai argues. He asks Bela to understand I’m only yours and will always be. He says he is your father.


She asks Satya to help her. She says Ankush is a liar, and he isn’t my father. Satya says fine, you have to assist me. Arya nods and shakes his hand.

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