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Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 14th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Manorama sternly reprimands Shakti for bringing up Dr. Shiv’s name again, stating that the topic is no longer up for discussion. She then turns to Chacha and brings up the fact that they missed out on Rimjhim’s marriage proposal because of Shakti’s actions. Manorama expresses her disappointment in Shakti, reminding her that her mistakes have consequences and she will have to bear them. She compliments Shakti’s intelligence and beauty, assuring her that she will find a suitable partner, unlike Rimjhim who lacks education and now has little hope of getting married. This reminder causes Rimjhim to cry as she recalls Keertan’s hurtful words about her being unchaste. Feeling desperate, Rimjhim suggests that Manorama reach out to the potential groom and request another chance for her marriage proposal, even offering to marry Ranjan instead if needed. This unexpected agreement surprises Shakti, who wonders why Rimjhim would willingly agree to this arrangement. Manorama is overjoyed by Rimjhim’s change of heart and embraces her happily.

Upon Shiv’s return home, Dadi expresses her relief that everything turned out well. She brings sweets to celebrate the good news. Ragunath mentions that he was in jail, but Dadi reassures everyone that he is back and safe. Padma quietly tells Mandira that her attempts to keep him locked up for three days failed, as he returned after only three hours. Koyal notices Shiv’s somber mood and asks him what is wrong. He simply responds that he is tired before excusing himself. Keertan speculates that he may be missing Shakti. Mandira whispers to herself that her plans were foiled due to her own foolishness. As the rest of the family departs, Mandira acknowledges her misjudgment in underestimating the girl who threatened to expose her. She realizes she needs to make sure this person fears her instead.

Is Rimjhim right that I am not like you, and I should be happy with the proposal I got, Shakti asks Rimjhim. I don’t know why Shakti agreed to marry that guy. Rimjhim says Maa is right that I should be happy with the proposal I got. Shakti tells Manorama that Ranjan will be lucky to marry Rimjhim. Manorama says she’ll be happy with him. She remembers Mandira’s words and says I need to inform Shiv of the fact that Chachi is a threat.

Shiv tells Nandu that I don’t understand what happened to Shakti’s family, they were all nice before and so protective of Shakti, but I don’t know what happened. Chachi said they were insulted, they were with Papa and Mandira.. We can’t ask them, but there was another person who seemed weak.

Nandu and Shiv approach Chacha, grateful for his efforts in rescuing Shiv. Chacha acknowledges their gratitude, but explains how Ragunath put Shakti’s family in their place after they became too proud. He shares how Ragunath insulted them and mentions that they may never want to associate with them again. As Chacha leaves, Shiv expresses his guilt over his family mistreating those who saved him. He decides to apologize to them and mentions that Shakti had also wanted to talk to him. Just then, Mandira arrives and forbids Shiv from doing so. Despite Shakti’s attempts to reach out through phone calls, Mandira cuts off the communication and insists it’s for the best. She then proceeds to turn off Shiv’s phone as well.

In the morning, Manorama instructs Shakti and Rimjhim to prepare for their visit to Ranjan’s house. She reminds Rimjhim of her suggestion to confess her feelings for him. Rimjhim, however, brings up Keertan and shares that she fell in love at first sight with him. Shakti is left feeling confused. Just as they are about to leave, they are interrupted by a knock on the door. To their surprise, it’s Shiv accompanied by Mandira and Padma. Once again, Shakti feels puzzled. Shiv asks if they can enter and Chacha welcomes them inside. Feeling embarrassed, Manorama remarks that they have nothing to offer as they are not wealthy people. Padma then voices her discomfort with the heat and Manorama offers them green tea. However, Mandira declines their hospitality and reveals that they have come solely to apologize for their previous actions. She acknowledges Ragunath’s mistreatment of them and expresses regret for it. As she glances at Shakti with a smirk, he wonders what her true intentions are this time around.

Mandira recounts that the previous day was filled with difficulties for us, as several events unfolded and Ragunath struggled to determine who he could rely on. However, upon returning home, we became aware of the immense assistance you all offered us. I regret any disrespect you may have encountered. Shiv explains that he had intended to come and personally apologize, but Mandira insisted on accompanying him. The flashback reveals how Mandira had promised to join Shiv in apologizing to Shakti’s family, hoping they would grant us forgiveness. Shiv expressed his gratitude towards her and the flashback concludes. Shakti plans to reveal her true intentions soon.


Shiv asks Shakti what you were going to tell me yesterday. Shakti tells Mandira that whatever you said to me yesterday was here in the room, but you disrespected me in front of others. She says the person who should apologize is the one who made all this mess, and we need to fix it soon or they will attack again.

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