Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 24th May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 24th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Surilii says she had an important call, so she was upstairs. Sasha says I will drop Diya off at the school bus and then I have work. Diya asks if you’re going to the police station. Sasha says no, the salon. She wishes her luck with the waxing. Shivendra shows Maan his shirts. Maan says no, nothing is casual, it’s all boring. Shivendra says clothes are clothes. Maan jokes. Shivendra falls. Maan apologizes. Shivendra does not want to go on a trek.

Maan writes Shayari and Shivendra does poetry. Maan says it’s good. Shivendra says I want to start over. Maasi cleans. She checks Shiv’s message on Surilii’s phone. She is shocked.

Sam wears casuals. Sam and Maan look at him and smile. Sam gives him his jacket. They joke. Sam says it’s not fair you are defeating us in our game. Shivendra says don’t get into elders’ matters. Sam says you are a changed man. Shivendra says yes, the world is evolving; we must accept these changes that strengthen our roots.

Sam says don’t take the speakers. Shivendra runs away. Surilii offers to make breakfast. Maasi gets angry and asks about Shiv. She gets a call. She asks what happened — we’ll come. Surilii asks what happened — tell me. Surilii and Maasi arrive at the school and ask the principal for Diya. The lady scolds them. The teachers complain about Diya. Shivendra collides with Veera. He sees Surilii’s photo. He asks what all this is about. Rani Maa replies, “I have got these.”.

Rani Maa sees Shivendra and says you have changed. He says you can ask me anything about Surilii. She says I got Sasha arrested. He asks what you get from it.

Sasha’s husband stabbed you, Monty isn’t caught, and Surilii paid him for drugs. Shivendra says she isn’t such a girl. Surilii goes to the storeroom and hears Diya crying. She asks her to come out and talk to her. Diya says you broke my promise.

I will send that man and that family member who is involved in this conspiracy to you because you know her just a few days now, says Rani Maa. Shivendra says you gave the judgement again. They argue. He says enough, I respect and care for Surilii, stop raising questions about her, she means a great deal to me.


I have met the real Shiv. Shivendra says I love Surilii. Rani Maa permits this change. Shivendra says fine, I’m leaving.


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