Faltu 12th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 12th May 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Faltu, Suhana, and Kinshuk check the three rooms for the file. They don’t find anything. They wonder where the file went. Faltu says they didn’t think of Kanika’s house. Suhana says we can’t get inside that house. Kinshuk says she will catch us. Suhana says we can hack the CCTV camera. They like the idea. Faltu says everything will be fine. Suhana asks them to go and sets the room back. Tanu meets Kanika.

The woman asks why you are tense, did Faltu do anything? I will call Sid. Kanika says no, I would like to talk to you. I am your mother and want you to be happy. You hate Faltu, Ayaan and Faltu have decided it, they will not leave each other. Sid and you live as husband and wife, but your family hates you and will never accept you even if you remove Faltu. He meets the lawyer. The chawl guy says they are with me. The guard is convinced by Faltu.

The guard asks them to go and come back within 15 minutes. Tanu says I will be happy again when Ayaan returns. Kanika says she thinks Ayaan will be happy to see your face again. Sid loves you a lot, I have seen it in his eyes, accept Sid, please, she hugs Tanu and tells him to forget Ayaan and start a new life.

I need your help, I’m Janardhan Mittal’s bahu. The man says his son Ayaan’s case is going on, right. She says Ayaan is trapped, I need your help. Kanika says okay, if not Sid, then we will see another guy, I’ll sell the company. Sid comes looking. Tanu says you’re saying that we’ll lose and go away. The man says I have seen the news, I’m sorry, I can’t help.

Tanu asks if you think Ayaan and Faltu are made for each other, how can you do this with me? Ayaan says meet my family once and find out who is involved. This time the matter has gone ahead, Ayaan is in jail, and we have threatened to oust the family, love can’t be obtained this way, consider Sid; he really loves you. Sid smiles.

Sid asks who is interested in JM Mart. Tanu asks who is this man. Kanika says she wants to sell it to get a bigger deal, a big businessman is ready to pay a big amount, profit margin is too high. The man says you can’t afford my fees, I heard your house is also mortgaged, there’s no chance now, sorry. She says please listen to me once. He says let me concentrate.

She takes the golf stick from him and hits a goal. She says it was so easy. She says you can’t help me if you can’t do this little thing. Tanu asks why he is taking an interest in our business. Kanika says I’m not sure, he has offered a double price, I was also shocked, and I got the impression he is serious.

We will find someone to help us, Faltu says. Sid asks who this man is, I want Tanu and this business, if I lose both, I will be devastated. Ayaan says Faltu, you are trying, that’s fine, I’m also preparing to fight the case, we need original documents to prove it. Tanu says to tell your man to do something in jail. Sid asks why. She says sorry, I couldn’t get it. I think the documents are at Kanika’s house. He says you can’t put yourself at risk, are you practising. She says yes.

Despite Faltu’s determination, Sid says she will be scared of me if I scare her. Sid says it’s risky, we’ll get into trouble. She tells him her plan. He asks if she’s sure. She says everything is fair in love and war. Ayaan says we can’t stop playing cricket. When you’re jailed, Faltu says you want me to focus on practice, first you, then cricket.


Ayaan is attacked in the lockup. He fights the goons. Faltu says Kanika believes in Guru Ji a lot.

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