Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Ghum hai kisike

Written Episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th March 2023, Written Update

A drunk Virat handcuffs both his and Sai’s hands. While everyone watches, Sai asks him to remove the handcuff. Virat says he won’t leave her hand forever, they’re bonded for life. Pulkit asks what he’s doing. According to Virat, his sister doesn’t listen to her husband, so he handcuffed her.

Ashwini scolds Ninad for saying his wife just ordered him. Pulkit asks if he is intoxicated. Virat says no. Sai realizes why he is behaving weird and asks what he needs. Virat laughs and says his wife questioned him.

Sonali gets angry when Omkar says he knows what his wife needs. Intoxicated Mohit then expresses his love for Karishma. Karishma shuts him out.

Virat asks Sai to apply color to his cheeks, until then he won’t uncuff her. Virat jokes to color him and make him a colorful mail. He asks to play a song and dances around Sai on Pyar Ke Ek Khel Mein. After trying to avoid him, Sai eventually agrees to apply color to him.

Virat stops her and calls Savi. Savi approaches him. Virat says to Sai that her aayi will apply color to her baba. Savi asks why he is talking in such a singing tone. He says the strings of his heart and playing guitar make him happy. After applying color to his cheek, Sai asks if he is still happy.

He says now that his Holi has been completed and he feels peaceful, so he will also color himself. As he extends his hand to color her face, she pushes the color away and he smears it on her hairline instead. Everyone is shocked at that. Virat feels happy. The title track from Serial plays in the background.

Pakhi shouts enough of his drama and holds his hand to drag him away. Virat frees his hand and warns her not to touch a stranger. Sai sends children away. Virat tells Pakhi she can’t touch him in front of his wife. Pakhi shouts, “I’m his wife!” and uncuffs him. Sai tries to escape.

Sai asks where she is going. Virat asks where she is going. Sai tells him to stop his drama, as everyone is watching. Virat says he’s playing Holi with his wife. He offers her a colorful candyfloss bouquet, explaining the meaning of each color to her. He asks her to accept it. Sai attempts to leave angrily and takes it from him.

She stops Virat and asks what he needs as a return gift. Virat asks everyone what they need. Ninad says karanji and Omkar says tea. Virat asks Sai to bring karanji and ginger tea. Sai leaves. Ninad says his wife won’t listen to him. Someone offers him thandai.

As Virat finishes thandai, Pulkit asks him not to have it and to wait for tea. He walks behind Sai, acting furious, saying how can she not obey him.

Sai agres for a last time and asks him not to create any more drama. Virat drags her inside the house and asks her to obey him.

Sonalia asks Bhavani that Viratg held Sai’s hand and performed graha pravesh with her, now Sai will perform the first kitchen ritual as well. Pakhi is envious.


Sai asks Pakhi to leave the house because it’s her husband and her husband. Virat asks Sai how she can tolerate this woman calming her right on her husband’s head.

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