Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 25th April 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 25th April 2023, Written Update on

A loan agent asks Surilii to apologize on behalf of Sasha in the episode. The lady scolds her. Everyone here gets paid to call you and send a notice, you lied and wasted our time and money, we should seal the café as Mr. Pervez is the actual owner. Sasha says ‘I’m sorry Surilii, you know I had to hire the recovery agents because of these things’. She says I’m really sorry you’re asking me for a huge compensation as well, I’m ready to pay, I’m really trying. He says 2 weeks.

Shivendra meets Veera and learns everything. Veera tells Shivendra Rani Maa needs to keep her kids safe, she is scared. Shivendra gets angry and says people are trying to live independently. Shivendra tells Rani Maa she is the reason I am on a city trip, and I will not return until I change Surilii’s perception of me and Ranak. Rani Maa recalls Shiv’s childhood. She smiles. Madhu says I am going for a walk now.

He says you supported Swati and fought with me for her studies, which I have already known. Hari says I’ve heard what Swati told you. She says you already knew it. She says you can easily forget things, your image is important to you, and you can easily forget things, he says Swati loves Shivendra and wants to marry him. The two argue. She cries. I earned this money for you, and you also enjoyed it, but you didn’t understand that I needed the royals’ support. I am not ashamed. I can’t say no to Rani Maa, but I can’t say no to Swati’s love.

A woman asks Rani Maa about Shiv. He tells her he is in the city. She asks if he is fine. He replies that he is upset. I think you regret listening to her. She says running a royal family isn’t easy, I have to upset the kids and make tough decisions. He says no, I’m not questioning you, we’ve been rushing this time, I didn’t see Kalik in her heart. Maan writes poetry.

During the race, Raghu says I won. Sam says Shivendra trained that horse, so you won, he’s a legend. Raghu gets angry and makes Sam fall. Maan rushes to Sam. He asks Mithi to get an ice pack. He says to take him to the palace. Sam jokes. Maan asks about this. Raghu says it happened by mistake, Sam is injured, and we must see him.

You would have told Shivendra if he had asked. Maan says I know you well, something is hurting you, tell me if Shivendra had asked. Shivendra gets a surprise from Rani Maa. She talks to him on a video call. Raghu says to stop taking his name all the time, no one cares for me, even Mum worries about him. Maan says Mum loves all of us.

She says to have it, it’s your choice, I talked to Veera, I made a mistake in knowing that girl, I understood you both have nothing to do, come back. We need to clear our family name and fix the mistake, Shivendra says, you don’t force me to come back, I apologize and return, thank you Maa for this gesture, I will return before your birthday.


In response to Rani Maa’s question, Surilii gets a big opportunity. Shivendra assures Surilii that she will come, this is my last chance to apologize to her.

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