Pandya Store 24th May 2023 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 24th May 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Dhara and Krish overhearing the lab assistants discussing a sample collection error. This news greatly upsets Arushi, causing her to cry. Shiva approaches her and asks her what is wrong. She explains that false rumors are being spread about their family. Shiva sympathizes with her and agrees to help. Together, Dhara and Krish come up with a plan to deceive the lab assistants in order to obtain the blood samples they need. Shiva also offers to have his family talk to Arushi’s mother. However, she expresses doubt as his own mother had physically abused him before, leading him to believe that his family does not value him. Despite this, he still wants to stand up for himself and declares that he will come live at Arushi’s house.

My mum and I have been threatened by Dhara, Arushi says. He asks what. My mum is unsure about the alliance now, but Dhara distracts the man, Krish steals the sample, and Dhara lies to him and leaves. He says my family will see my anger now, go home, I promise, I will get my family. Arushi hugs him and cries. She goes smiling. Shiva comes and shouts, asking everyone to come out. Dhara apologizes, she hadn’t done this before.

Dhara chides Shiva for not listening and blames the family for not valuing him. Shiva defends himself, saying all he wanted was to get married. Suman intervenes and suggests that they go meet the potential bride immediately. Shiva questions if she will later reject the proposal. Suman threatens to harm herself if he doesn’t cooperate, to which he agrees and tells everyone to get ready. Suman then explains that she didn’t have any other option but to agree. Dev realizes that Shiva tricked them by using water instead of kerosene. Meanwhile, Arushi’s mother asks if Shiva will be joining them when the Pandyas arrive. Arushi tells her they will see when they come. Krish expresses concern about Raavi’s whereabouts, and Dhara reveals she has gone with Rishita for their children’s school admission. She reassures Krish that they can discuss Raavi later when she returns.

Shiva prepares and arrives. Krish points out his new shirt, but announces that he won’t be joining the group. Dhara also declines, to which Shiva responds that it’s fine, and he doesn’t need her anyways. Dhara expresses her trust in Suman’s ability to handle everything. Suman instructs Prerna to pack her bags and leave. The group departs, with Dhara mentioning she’ll grab Shweta’s blood samples on the way. Krish brings up Prerna again, but Shiva asks Gautam to take a right turn. Raavi expresses gratitude towards Rishita, who mentions that their children will now study together. She then notices the family driving off and calls Dev. Shiva makes a joke.

Dev answers the call and says we are going to Arushi’s house, don’t tell Raavi. Shiva says, “I’m getting married.” Rishita ends the call and tells Raavi everything.


Arushi welcomes Pandyas home. Dhara gives Krish the blood sample. Shivank watches.

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