Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st June 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Akshara mentioning that Kairav has fallen in love with Muskaan. Kairav interrupts, asking her not to say such things. She then proceeds to explain the concept of love to him. In the meantime, Abhimanyu is seen leaving. Akshara reflects on how sometimes we can be deeply hurt and afraid of love, but it is not a weakness or illness; it takes courage to love someone. Kairav expresses his distress about being ignored by Muskaan. Akshara advises him to follow his heart and talk to Muskaan about his feelings, assuring him that she will understand. Abhinav enters and asks Akshara about their conversation. She informs him that Dadi wants to hold a puja and invite Muskaan, but also wanted Abhinav’s opinion. He responds by saying that he has no objections, but thinks it would be best for Muskaan to stay away from Kairav for now as she has an exam the next day and needs to focus on her studies.

Abhimanyu thinks of Abhir. Abhinav encourages Akshara. She says she is scared. Abhinav tells her about Peter’s words. He says you will study hard and become a lawyer soon. She says yes, thanks. He asks her to study. He tells her I will make you tea. She thanks him. He says you are strong, I have proof, you have been fighting until now, keep fighting. He gets tea.

In the middle of the night, Abhir enters the hall, where he finds Abhimanyu already present. They exchange glances before Abhimanyu voices his concern. He reveals that he found a letter and suspects that Abhir has been hiding something from him. He assures him that as his doctor, he only wants to help and urges him to confess the truth. In return, Abhir makes him promise not to reveal anything to anyone. After receiving the promise, Abhir discloses that his real father is someone else and explains how he overheard his parents’ conversation about it but doesn’t want to confront them as it would only make things worse. He pleads with Abhimanyu to keep this a secret, especially with his parents’ upcoming anniversary. Grateful for Abhimanyu’s understanding, he asks if he will support him in this and receives a positive response. Just like Ruhi, who is also aware of this secret, they are now the only ones who know it.

Abhimanyu has the thought that I need to prevent Ruhi from informing mum about this matter. He requests Abhir to go to bed. Abhir inquires if everyone is aware that Abhinav is not my real father, perhaps Aarohi would know who my birth father is. Just then, Akshara arrives and asks why are you awake? Abhimanyu explains that he was headed to the bathroom. Akshara tells Abhir to go back to sleep and Abhimanyu leaves upon seeing him. In the morning, Manish announces that our new branch in Singapore will be inaugurated next week and Kairav will be going there. Kairav excitedly asks for his flight details but Manish reprimands him. Dadi worries about how Kairav will manage alone and Manish reminds her of how Muskaan is staying independently at her hostel. He questions why Kairav wants to follow Muskaan’s footsteps.

Kairav declares his love for Muskaan, which shocks everyone. Despite their reactions, Kairav insists that his feelings are genuine and he plans to meet and persuade her. Manish responds by slapping him and ordering him to pack for a trip to Singapore. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu silently supports Abhir in his sadness, encouraging him to write down any questions he has about his father. As Abhir pours out his heart in a letter to Shiv, Abhimanyu reflects on how he can never fully understand the pain of a father. He prays for Abhir’s well-being and silently assures him that he will always be there as a loving father figure. In the letter, Abhir expresses curiosity about his biological father and why he isn’t living with his mother. These thoughts weigh heavily on both Abhir and Abhimanyu’s minds.


The next day Abhinav receives Abhir’s letter. Akshara asks Abhinav about it. Abhinav is shocked. Abhir says he knows Abhinav isn’t my real father.

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