Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th December 2023 Written Episode: A Mother’s Last Wish, Unexpected Choices, and Double Weddings

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The episode begins with Rohit happily preparing for his big day while Ruhi gets ready and thinks about Armaan. As they both prepare, the emotional song “Lambi Judaai” plays in the background. Rohit’s sister Vidya helps him with his wedding attire and exclaims that he looks like the perfect groom. However, when Manisha offers to do Rohit’s makeup, everyone protests, and Rohit’s mother, Suwarna, and aunt, Surekha, ward off any potential bad luck on Ruhi by crying. Manish tries to console them and reveals that he is happy that Ruhi is leaving as he plans to turn her room into his study. Emotions run high as Ruhi hugs her adopted father, and he shares how she became the center of their lives. Despite being sad, Ruhi promises to visit them every day. Dadi then instructs everyone to call for Rohit, who arrives blessed by her and protected from negative energy.

When Armaan promised to come, Dadi performed aarti in Rohit’s honor. The rest of the guests also invited Rohit to join in. Meanwhile, Abhira expressed hope for her mother’s recovery on a notepad. Armaan observed silently as everyone danced joyously during the baraat. Some lighthearted jokes were passed around, with Kiara teasing Manisha and Madhav. Later, Dadi took the opportunity to give some advice to Manisha, which caused everyone to laugh even more. Despite all this merriment, Rohit called Armaan and informed him that he and Ruhi were getting married soon. However, instead of being happy for his friend, Armaan felt angry when remembering Ruhi’s previous words. Inquiring about his whereabouts and asking for an exact arrival time only fueled the fire. Ultimately, Armaan declined the invitation as it involved someone’s life and death situation. Upon hearing this news, Rohit tried to ease any tension by telling Armaan not to worry about him or his happiness since they couldn’t share those sentiments at the moment anyway due to their current circumstances.

Armaan urges, “Go and make Ruhi happy in marriage. Promise me that you will always keep her happiness a top priority.” Rohit responds, “You are her brother. You should be taking a promise from Ruhi, not me.” Dismissing any potential drama, Armaan insists, “Promise me that you will never let her down.” Rohit reassures him, “Yes, I promise. I will always keep her happiness as my priority. Hopefully, your work gets done quickly so you can return soon.” Abhira spots Akshara and urgently calls for the doctor’s help. Armaan rushes to assist as well. The doctor directs the nurse to retrieve an injection promptly. Akshara asks anxiously, “How much time do I have?” Abhira reassures her, “Nothing will happen to you.” The doctor replies gravely, “Just a few moments.”

Abhira questions, how can you say this? Please try to save her. He then exits. Akshara addresses Armaan and Abhira, holding onto them, and expresses her desire for a promise. She asks Armaan to fulfill this promise and explains that marriage is the only way to save Abhira’s life. Yuvraj will not let her go otherwise. This news shocks both of them. In resistance, Abhira says no, but Akshara persists and asks Armaan to marry Abhira to save her life from Yuvraj’s grasp. Abhira reassures Akshara that nothing will happen to her, but Akshara worries about Abhira’s future once she is gone. She urges Armaan to trust him completely in this matter.

Abhira believes anyone willing to put everything aside and save her would do anything to save their spouse. However, she clarifies that she does not need anyone’s protection, only her mother’s presence. Akshara also feels that Abhira should agree to marry him, as it would be a significant gesture on her part. Armaan decides to look after Abhira and promises to help her become a respected lawyer like herself. He also wishes to become close friends with Abhira but is uncertain about committing to marriage. He asks for advice from the elder lady present, saying he doesn’t know if he is suitable for Abhira. Abhira then clarified that she did not consider him a suitable partner. But Akshara interjects, pointing out how society may misconstrue their relationship and turn it scandalous. She pleads for Armaan to do this one favor for her – when others ask about their relationship, what will his answer be?


Both Armaan and Abhira exchange garlands. Rohit and Ruhi exchange garlands as well.

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