Faltu 7th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu – 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Ayaan throwing away Faltu’s clothes. Sid and Tanu arrive at the scene, and Sid intervenes to stop Ayaan. Ayaan expresses his desire to get rid of everything that reminds him of Faltu, as he doesn’t want to hold onto any hope of her return. Tanu silently reflects on this situation, realizing that she felt the same way when Ayaan left her. Ayaan decides to take Faltu’s belongings to Ruhaan’s house.

At Kaka’s house, the guards intercept some suspicious-looking men and ask them to reveal the contents of their bag. Kaka arrives and dismisses the situation, explaining that they were merely repairmen for the fridge. Meanwhile, Faltu screams, catching the attention of the guard who questions the source of the sound. The men make an excuse, blaming it on a malfunctioning video playing on their old phone, and are allowed to leave.

Sid tries to convince Ayaan not to go through with his plan and offers to take Faltu’s belongings to Ruhaan instead. Ayaan pleads with Sid to leave, wanting to handle it himself. Tanu urges Sid to comply, and as they leave, Ayaan reminisces about the romantic moments he shared with Faltu. He comes to the conclusion that it was all a lie and that she never truly loved him. Sid, filled with sorrow, remarks on his helplessness in witnessing Ayaan’s current state and their inability to assist him. Tanu acknowledges the importance of caring for Ayaan and restoring happiness to their family, as failure to do so could cause their family to fall apart. Sid questions if she would abandon him and leave, but Tanu assures him that she loves him deeply and promises to never leave, recalling how he supported her when she needed it the most. However, she secretly harbours resentment towards Faltu and Ayaan, expressing her desire to understand Ruhaan’s true intentions.

Meanwhile, Ayaan is on his way, determined to rid himself of memories associated with Faltu. The goons tie up Faltu, who wonders where they are taking her and blames the seemingly decent uncle for her predicament. She prays for help. Suddenly, Ayaan appears in front of their car and confronts the goons.

The manager realizes that Faltu is missing and expresses concern about Ayaan’s false information, suggesting that they might file a police complaint. Ruhaan instructs the manager to find Faltu.

Ayaan offers his assistance and suggests they push the car to the side of the road. Faltu hears Ayaan’s voice and attempts to scream, catching Ayaan’s attention. However, the goon brushes it off, claiming that something fell nearby. Ayaan accepts the explanation and departs, leaving the goons with Faltu.

Ayaan receives a call from Savita. He informs her that he is heading to Ruhaan’s house to return Faltu’s belongings. Faltu, overhearing this conversation, realizes that Ayaan believes she is at Ruhaan’s house and feels the urgency to escape, fearing harm from the goons.

Faltu screams once again, and Ayaan hears it, prompting him to stop and question the source of the sound. The goon assures him that it was nothing and dismisses his suspicions. Ayaan reluctantly accepts the explanation and continues on his way. Upon reaching Ruhaan’s house, he hands over Faltu’s belongings and emotionally expresses his desire for Faltu to return everything she took from him, including his passion, memories, and faith. Heartbroken, he concludes that Faltu is incapable of reciprocating his feelings, accusing her of being selfish and destructive.

Ayaan leaves, and Ruhaan feels a sense of sadness. His inner voice taunts him, highlighting the fact that Faltu was the backbone of the Mittal family and he has successfully taken her away from them. However, Ruhaan’s inner voice reminds him that true happiness cannot be snatched away, emphasizing his own loneliness and the loss of Shanaya. It suggests that if he believes he has won, he should celebrate his victory.


Faltu declares that her family will find her. The goons warn her not to deceive them. She convinces the goons to let her go out of the car insisting she needs to go to the washroom. She fights back the goons as soon as they open the ropes and manages to escape.

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