KukKum Bhagya 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Prachi extends her appreciation to Ranbir for strolling into her life, although he read between the lines incorrectly and didn’t quite comprehend what she was saying. She then taps him softly on his shoulder as he jests around with her, before embracing him affectionately. Rhea gets upset when she catches sight of them embracing and Ranbir kisses Prachi’s forehead. Thereafter they hug again, leaving Rhea still disgruntled. He expresses his delight at her return to his life; feeling blessed to have achieved all he desired. Prachi responds by stating that she has been presented with the whole world, prior to another embrace while Rhea remains unhappy.

Pallavi notices the tension in their home and Vikram helplessly exclaims there is nothing they can do about it. With a deep breath, Dida remarks that it must take its course. Aaliya wonders how to better the situation, as Doctor presents his report. Concealing it from Prachi, so she does not feel like they are trying to manipulate her, Aaliya stops Pallavi from reading it out loud. The doctor starts talking about Rhea, but Dida cuts him off and asks them to go home instead. Prachi whispers her intention to put ghee in the diya while Ranbir informs her that he has something important to say – this was something he had declared countless times before. At the same time, Prachi’s ghunghat billows away and falls onto Ranbir’s head. Wary of what he had told her priorly, Prachi pauses uncertainly until Ranbir reassures her that she misinterpreted his words; they both declare ‘you’re the most beautiful in the world!’ simultaneously. Asking Prachi once again to light up the diya with ghee, Ranbir takes his leave.

Rhea stresses that Ranbir is not something to be taken away, and cannot be compared to possessions such as a house or jewellery. Prachi counters that she had him in her life for quite sometime before their marriage occurred, like a diamond set in her ring. Declaring the bond between them to be true and valid according to both kundali bhagya and kumkum bhagya, Prachi claims that destiny had brought them together and no matter what they want, they will never be separated because their union is like diya and baati coming together – brightening the room with affection whenever they are united. Nevertheless, Rhea adamantly insists that she won’t let them stay together even if she can’t break them apart.

Dida worries about Ranbir and Prachi. Pallavi assures her that everything will be fine. Peon comes and asks Aaliya to sign the file.

Sid says he was worried if he could save Ranbir-Prachi or Mihika and he is glad everything worked out. He says he wouldn’t have forgiven me if it hadn’t.

Aryan comes and notifies them that mother is here. Sid and Shahana suggest Mihika to take a break. Rhea voices out to Aaliya that she had dialled her, but Aaliya states that she couldn’t pick it up at that time. Pallavi stresses the fact that they haven’t checked the report yet and states that this is the point wherein if anyone wishes to clear the air, then now is the time; she vouches not to provide any of them with a prospect to prove their innocence afterwards and firmly warns of taking stringent action against them. Being in charge of the house, Pallavi believes it is her responsibility to keep everyone together and cautions them that it must be done at this very moment or never. Before opening up the envelope, Aaliya recollects how on the way there was an inappropriate report which had been signed in her name. When everyone gets off their car and starts pushing it, she changes it with an authentic one. Pallavi recollects what she had spoken before while Rhea reads out loud that Prachi has become pregnant with Ranbir’s baby; Prachi articulates that surely Rhea committed something wrong but Aaliya stops her right then.

Pallavi clearly remembered the evidence presented to prove Rhea’s pregnancy. She was unable to comprehend why Prachi would be so vile to another woman. She queried Ranbir as to why he preferred Prachi over their unborn child. With sincerity, she begged her mother not to punish an expectant mother and provide her with the rights to which she is entitled. But then, Prachi revealed that Rhea had consumed papaya and received a deep tissue massage, effectively exposing her lies. As a result, Rhea took a solemn oath on her non-existent baby that what she was saying is true; if it wasn’t true then the infant will never be born. Nevertheless, when the doctor came it was confirmed that Rhea was not expecting at all.

The doctor, the pregnancy report, everything is a lie, Prachi is not pregnant, I am pregnant. Prachi removes her fake tummy, and Vikram becomes angry and asks them to leave.

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