Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update – 17th December 2023: Abhira’s Disappearance Worries Armaan

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai -

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 17th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with Surekha questioning Ruhi about the issue, to which Ruhi responds that everything is fine. Suwarna then interrupts and reminds them of the time, suggesting they call a new bride. Surekha apologizes and leaves, while Suwarna asks if Armaan and Abhira are together. Ruhi ends the call and becomes emotional. Manish inquires about Ruhi’s well-being, and Suwarna assures him she is happy. Abhira speaks with Rohit while Armaan approaches Ruhi. He explained that he had slipped and that Abhira had helped him out. However, Ruhi knows that their marriage is just a business deal, but seeing them together makes her forget this fact. She offers to assist in making Abhira independent, to which he expresses gratitude. Eventually, everyone departs from the scene.

Rohit guides Ruhi with a firm grip as Manish’s mind wanders to Abhira. He suggests sending a wedding gift to Armaan and Abhira, who recently married. Suwarna quickly interjects, reminding them to consider Ruhi’s feelings. Meanwhile, Abhira lies awake in her new bed, unable to sleep. She notices Armaan tossing and turning on the couch and invites him to share the bed with her. As they lay next to each other, she acknowledges that their marriage may not be accurate, but they will make do as roommates. The scene shifts to the morning, with Manisha checking Aryan’s fever.

He says the virus is spreading. Manisha asks if you ate anything cold yesterday. Aryan becomes tense. He says we had a secret kulfi party, and we did that to cheer Abhira up. Dadi says Abhira has this disease. In response to Manisha’s question about Abhira’s pagphere, Vidya says she will make Rohit and Ruhi drink the kada, and they will be fine.

Armaan brings breakfast for Abhira, but she is nowhere to be found. He frantically searches for her, causing Dadi to scold him for neglecting his duties towards Ruhi. She reminds him that he has to eat and then leave for his in-laws’ house. Armaan calls out to Abhira in desperation while she wanders on the road, lost. In a flashback, Madhav argues with Sanjay about Abhira’s mu dikhai and upcoming pagphere. Dadi sadly acknowledges that they have no choice but to accept her as a burden since Armaan married her against their wishes, and she has no family or home of her own.

As soon as Abhira hears them, she leaves. Flashback ends. As she recalls Akshara, she says, “I knew you wouldn’t leave me, Mumma.” She sees someone else and cries. She asks, “Why did you send me here, mumma?”. Armaan panics. Armaan asks the guard about Abhira. The guard replies, “Yes, she went that way.” Armaan runs. She says Ruhi is going to her Maayka. Kajal says her Maayka is my house. Everyone smiles. Madhav nods to Vidya. All asks Vidya to agree.

Manoj reminds you to treat your daughters-in-law equally, just like your sons. Vidya agrees and instructs Kiara to check on Armaan and Abhira. Madhav grins in approval. Kiara returns after a while, informing them that they both have left home and their whereabouts are unknown. Manisha expresses shock, assuming they have eloped. Vidya urges them to keep this incident a secret from Maasa and avoid further drama. She then asks Charu and Krish to contact the missing couple. Charu admits to not having Abhira’s number, while Krish informs that Armaan’s phone is busy. Manish questions the presence of two shagun plates, to which Surekha explains it was a mistake on her part while ordering them.

Surekha says we’re ready to welcome Ruhi. Manish says I feel like she’s coming home. Abhira collides with a man. All the things fall. Manish hears the sound and goes to the wedding planner.

Manish smiles at Rohit and Ruhi as they return home. Abhira is scolded and told to call her husband. She says she doesn’t have her phone. The man tells her to take us to her house, but she doesn’t know where it is. They insist that she give the money. They push her and follow her to Goenka’s house. The man says she is their daughter, so the loss amount will be added to their expenses. Armaan looks for Abhira. Abhira enters the villa board after seeing the Goenka villa board.


Abhira is welcomed home by Manish and Suwarna. Armaan shouts, “Are you fine?”. If anything happened to you, what would I tell Aksh…”.

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