Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd April 2023 Written Update


Santosh gets anxious hearing that Angad and Sahiba are going to visit them tomorrow for paghphera ritual. Keerat says Angad told her this. Santosh asks if Angad called.

Keerat says she visited Brar mansion since she did not mean Sahiba after her marriage. Santosh asks if the sisters can’t stop creating issues. Keerat continues to walk on the road and calls her friend to stay at her house. Keerat describes how Akaal asked Sahiba to seek any gifts she wants and Sahiba asked her to go visit her parental house for paghera ritual, etc. Santosh is thrilled and relays the good news to Ajith.

Sahiba calls Angad before he gets ready for the paghphera ritual. Garry questions Angad if he really is going to Sahiba’s house for the paghphera ritual. When Garry has never been to a slum like Shimlapuri in his life, he begins speaking humiliating words about Sahiba and asks if he will really go there. Nevertheless, Jasleen tried to explain to him why Manveer permitted him to go to such a place, but he did not listen. She also speaks ill of Sahiba.

While serving tea, Sahiba asks Garry and Jasleen how much chilli powder they need. Garry asks what she means. Sahiba says they add so many spices to their words that she thought their tea was spiced too. When she asks Garry if the fire accident at their factory is under control, Garry becomes tense thinking if she found out the truth. Her friend asks why she came here; her parents will kick her out of the house if they see her with her, so she should leave from there. Seerat agrees to stay at her friend’s house for a few days.

As Seerat leaves, Prabjyot and Hansraj question Angad about taking gifts to Sahiba’s family. Gurleen says even Santosh brought gifts when she visited for the first time. The gifts of Santosh and Angad differ, Prabjyot says. Akaal says Angad is doing the right thing, taking gifts for his in-laws when he visits them for the first time is his duty. He asks them to wish Santosh and Ajith the best. Sahiba and Angad go toward the door.

Manveer stops them and begins emotionally blackmailing Angad. Akaal says she is doing wrong. Manveer questions Sahiba but not her. She continues her emotional blackmail and threatens to leave Brar mansion if Angad visits his in-laws. To respect Manveer’s condition, Sahiba says she won’t visit her parents’ house. Manveer humiliates her again. Angad holds Sahiba’s hand and says he will keep his promise.

Seerat enters their room. Voiceover asks if Seerat will interfere between Angad and Sahiba again after Angad feels back pain after lifting a heavy object.

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