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Aarti begins with Manpreet inviting everyone to join him for aarti. Ashok and Manpreet begin the aarti. Vishaka asks Akshay to do puja with his life partner. Prachi does the aarti with Akshay. Manpreet asks Ranbir to do puja with Mihika. Ranbir then does the aarti with Khushi. Abhay and others perform the aarti. Prachi is asked to give everyone prasad. Akshay says that some dancers are supposed to come, but they are late.

A goon comes there disguised as a dancer. Akshay signs him. The dancers arrive there. After the dance performance, he says we’ll break the handi. The dancers dance. Khushi dances in front of them. Ranbir dances with Khushi. The Radhe song plays…..The goon keeps an eye on Khushi. Prachi, Akshay, and others watch as Khushi and Ranbir dance.

After giving Khushi water and making her eat biscuits, Ranbir signs the goon. The goon goes to Ranbir and Khushi and lifts her. Ranbir gets a call and leaves, as he couldn’t hear. Akshay signs the goon. The goon looks at Khushi. Vishaka invites them to sit and says Khushi will break the dahi handi.

Manpreet calls Khushi and asks where she went. Prachi says I’ll get the stuff to break dahi handi. Vishaka looks at Akshay and doesn’t react. Ranbir arrives at the spam (Akshay’s goon’s) call. Akshay’s other goon attacks him and snatches his phone. Ranbir hits him and gets his phone back.

In reply to Akshay’s question, Prachi asks where Khushi is, and he asks why you aren’t searching for her. Akshay asks Ranbir if he said the same thing, and where is he? Abhay says Ranbir was last seen with a strange looking man. Everyone starts searching again. Prachi asks Khushi to come out, and she goes into the room. She says you trouble me a lot, and she asks her to leave.

She checks everywhere in the room, and thinks she’s not in the room, terrace, and asks where she went? She remembers Ranbir playing hide and seek with Khushi. She sees Ranbir catch Khushi as she sits in the cupboard. Khushi asks him to play again. He keeps his hand on his eyes. Khushi hides under the blanket on the bed. He searches for her. Khushi scares him and says she won.

Ashok asks where Khushi is. Ranbir says she was here. Ashok says she isn’t here. Ranbir says she must be with Prachi and says I will call her. Prachi went to search for her, Divya tells us. Akshay acts as a possessive father and says if anything happens to her, she’s my life and asks him to take care of her. While Akshay watches Ranbir leave, Vishaka pretends to search for her, knowing she has been kidnapped.

Prachi searches her and pulls the blanket, but she is not there. Vishaka says she is not under the bed. Prachi cries and says she doesn’t do this and she’s scared. She says I’ll look for her. Manpreet asks her to look. She says I’ll look for her. Prachi says she might be in the garden and says I’ll go check on her there. Ranbir asks Prachi if she looked everywhere. Prachi says yes, she searched everywhere.

I will check, Ranbir says. Akshay asks where Khushi is? Ranbir says I have seen you with Khushi with a strange guy. Abhay says you were talking to one of the dancers. Ranbir says yes, I spoke, so what do you mean? Akshay blames Ranbir for kidnapping his daughter.

Ranbir asks are you serious? Akshay says I know your intentions, and he says you don’t want my daughter to stay with us. Ranbir asks if you have gone mad? Akshay says I will go to any lengths to get her and says this is about my daughter. She is my daughter, and I won’t take her, says Ranbir.

Akshay says you show that you are very good, but you want her away from Prachi and me. Ranbir asks have you gone mad and says Prachi is her mother, so why would I separate Khushi from her? Akshay says I heard you telling Khushi that Prachi and Khushi are your family. Khushi then said she would rather stay here, because she loves me more, he said.

He asks if she doesn’t say this. Ranbir says she did, but Prachi asks him to tell me if Khushi told me she wanted to remain here with me. Ranbir says yes, what wrong I did. Akshay says you kidnapped her so nobody knew about it. Ranbir asks if I will kidnapped my own daughter. Akshay says I am saying what I saw and heard.

I felt good when Khushi said she loved you all, and I am happy that you all do as well. Akshay asks him where his daughter is? Ranbir says she’s my daughter too, but Akshay says she’s not yours. He asks what the mark on your neck is and claims Khushi must have scratched you when you kidnapped her.

He says I was attacked outside. Manpreet asks Akshay what you’re doing? Akshay says I’m your son and you don’t trust me, but I’ll prove it in front of you all. He says Khushi is my daughter, and he says I’ll prove it to you all. He asks Ranbir what he was talking to that dancer about. Ranbir denies knowing him.

So that everyone knows who did this and why, Akshay asks Abhay to get the CCTV footage. He tells Ranbir that he is from a respected family and says the orphanage people made him Khushi’s father. If I kidnap my own daughter, have you gone insane? If I wanted to take her, I’d have taken her with me. Akshay says the matter is about Prachi, because you want her.

Ashok inquires of Akshay if he is truly serious in making such a statement. Prachi expresses her frustration with having to deal with daily theatrics. Akshay reassures Ashok that he has no intention of belittling him, stating that his respect for him remains intact. He reveals that he overheard someone mentioning a plan to separate Khushi from Prachi. Mihika interrupts, seeking clarification on the matter at hand. She suggests that while Ranbir may be focused on Prachi, the truth is that Prachi is equally enamoured with him. Mihika apologizes but insists on speaking her mind; she believes that Ranbir holds a special place in Akshay’s heart. The unexpected revelation leaves Prachi and Ranbir shocked alongside others present.


The police arrive at Tandon Mansion and arrest Ranbir, even though he pleads innocence. Prachi is calling and says that her daughter has been kidnapped, and the kidnapper is right in front of me. Akshay watches. In the PS, Prachi tells that once she gets her daughter, she won’t let him come near her again even for a moment.

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