Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st January 2024 Written Episode Update: Tara’s Birthday Turns Chaotic

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

She ends the call and calls Kunal. Kunal goes to buy something. Sonia disconnected the call, and Vandana left him a message. Sonia checks it out and replies okay. Sonia switches off the phone. Kunal returns. Vandana rushes. Sonia says you have to go on imp meeting, you go, my doctor appointment has been cancelled, I will go home and help Vandana. Then he asked if you were sure I’d book a taxi.

Vandana’s phone breaks. Kunal returns home and asks where our birthday girl, Tara, is because we have to surprise her. He says you were going to pick her up. She says you didn’t answer my calls, so I left a voice note, and you replied okay. He asks what. He checks the phone. She apologized. My phone broke, so I messaged you. Pammi scolds her.

Sonia arrives with Tara at their home. Curiously, Tara inquires about why Sonia didn’t come to pick her up. Vandana expresses regret for keeping her waiting. Sonia asks if they should blame the delay on an accident. Vandana clarified that she had messaged Kunal, but he couldn’t find the message on his phone. Vandana then turns to Sonia and asks how she knew about Tara being in school while she was unaware that she hadn’t gone to pick her up. Sonia reveals that her doctor’s appointment got cancelled, and she thought of surprising Tara by picking her up from school. She further adds that she got worried when she saw Tara standing alone and crying. Expressing remorse for not being able to take care of Tara, Vandana kisses her daughter. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Kunal intervenes and suggests focusing on the party instead. Excitedly, Tara admires the decorations in the house, but Kunal tells her to prepare for the festivities ahead.

Kunal advises Vandana not to attempt something as the party is about to commence. Tara receives a call from Kunal and Vandana, prompting them to join the festivities. Hemant and Anagha arrive and compliment the beautifully adorned venue. Unfortunately, Pammi rudely dismisses them and demands that they leave. To make amends, Anagha presents her with sweets and apologizes. As everyone begins dancing, Tara’s face brightens up with a smile. However, Sonia’s mood turns sour as she excuses herself, saying she will be right back. Suddenly, some clowns appear and start dancing around Tara, causing her distress. A concerned Vandana exclaims for them to stop as Tara seems frightened. After seeing Tara’s reaction, Sonia rushes back with a gift in hand, causing Kunal to inquire about what happened.

Sonia inquires about Tara’s condition and expresses worry about clowns. She regrets not informing Vandana about Tara’s list of fears and feels the need to take action. Vandana urges Tara to open her eyes while Sonia contacts Pammi via message. Pammi arrives, prompting Sonia to question Vandana’s actions. She reminds Vandana that she had given her the file containing all of Tara’s information and accuses her of being careless. However, according to Vandana, there was no mention of clowns in the file. As Pammi approaches, Sonia signals for her attention and instructs her to retrieve the file as proof. In the meantime, Sonia reprimands Vandana while Kunal calls for a doctor.

In the file, he sees Vandana’s list of allergies and fears. He scolds her. He shouts at her, saying sorry, you will never be able to be a good mother. Vandana gets sad and says you can blame me later. Let me take her to the hospital. She says stop, you won’t come. He leaves. Pammi says the paper was in Pammi’s file.

Sonia did this, Rano says. Pammi said. This is just the beginning. Sonia will do anything to get Kunal back. Vandana will have to leave. Sonia tells Vandana to stay away from Tara. Kunal says Tara is afraid of clowns. Sonia blames Vandana. Vandana cries.


Vandana asks Sonia to leave. Kunal asks where Vandana is. Sonia says she went home. Mrunal says I’m pregnant. The family is shocked.

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