Anupama – Episode update 20th Jan 2022.

Anupama written update

After hearing about Ankush’s illegitimate child, Anuj asks if it is some sort of prank. Barkha confirms that Ankush does in fact have a 15-year-old son. She does not know whether Ankush is still in contact with the other woman or not, but she never questioned him because he was providing for her and her family. Anupama then queries why Barkha didn’t confront Ankush about it. Barkha states that when he informed her it was true, she had nowhere to go with two kids and no money; thus, she had compromised for the sake of her children and stayed with him. Anuj questions if Ankush is capable of being so deceptive. In response, Ankush reveals that had he wanted to betray, he would have kept all this hidden; instead, he gave Barkha an option of divorce, which she chose not to take at that time. His girlfriend and son have never asked anything from him previously, however now his son wishes to study in a local university and reside in a nearby hostel – something which Ankush cannot refuse his son. Regardless of the circumstances, the boy is seeking claim to his father’s name by coming here – something which Barkha will prevent from happening. Anuj is upset that they have hidden such a big fact from them. Anupama is concerned that what will happen to Barkha once the boy comes and lives with them.

Kavya quizzically asked Vanraj if he had anything to say, but he suggested they should go in. Refusing to budge, she told him that she was running late. Vanraj asks why did she tell Mohit about their family issues. She reacted by saying why would she? Leela interjected asking how come Mohit knew everything then, to which Samar adds that it’s public knowledge as everyone is aware of what’s going on in their lives. Vanraj sarcastically mentioned that maybe Kavya wanted to show how jealous and insecure her husband is by bringing Mohit home and inquired whether she needs permission from her mother-in-law for befriending anyone. Kavya retorted back saying not all people from her industry are bad and one just has to look out for themselves either way. This made Vanraj dryly ask if she had become a spokesperson for the industry in two days only after which Kavya declared, with firmness, that until one is sure of being right, others’ opinions don’t really matter; further adding that all she does is go for work and nothing else.

Leela maintains that everyone is aware of her affair with Vanraj, despite his marriage to Anupama. Kavya challenges him, asking how come she is the only one to receive criticism for their actions together. Kinjal points out that men are never admonished for wrongdoings, while it’s a different story for women. Angered by the ‘helpless woman drama’ tagline from Vanraj, Kavya retorts that there’s an obvious difference between being protective and possessive – the former does not involve calling 50 times a day. The latter gets an admission from Vanraj before Kavya insists on knowing her boundaries and should always be informed if she goes over them; if this isn’t ok with him, then he can go ahead & act on it. After parting ways with Mohit, Kavya looks at Vanraj & tells him he must do something or else they’ll have to witness his wife’s humiliation.

Anupama expresses disbelief at what she just heard. Anuj concedes that life can take sudden turns, which leads Anupama to worry about unforeseen circumstances arising in their lives. He tries to reassure her and shortly after, a parcel arrives. Vanraj is sitting on a bench ruminating on Kavya’s words, when Leela interjects, noting how issues between spouses often start with differences cropping up between them. She adds that she hopes he won’t be subjected to a similar situation to the one he experienced with Anupama. Now back to the parcel; Little Anu takes it from Anupama and embraces its contents – a dress which was previously out of stock! As if that wasn’t enough of a surprise, they also discover MaaYa’s note saying that she is sending her most wanted gift and will meet her the next day for Sankranti. Little Anu is elated; sure that it is MaaYa who sent her the dress as there are drawings on the box which make her certain MaaYa will visit soon.

After some time, Anuj and Anupama debate whether it is necessary to ask parental permission when speaking with their children. They decide that they will address Maaya directly in their conversation the following day, on Sankranti. She has an enigmatic aura around her and there is Ankush’s issue to take into account. He suggests they should be careful while dealing with the two matters. The next morning, everyone, including Little Anu, performs pooja and wishes each other a happy Uttarayan. Maaya records a video of them without being noticed. Little Anu wonders what the festival signifies and Anupama explains its importance as well as how it brings different cultures together. Later, Adhik gets ready for the party and urges Pakhi to get ready quickly, since they are already late. Pakhi soon emerges in her outfit.

Adhik is captivated by Pakhi’s beauty and embraces her, telling her she looks gorgeous. He expresses his deep love for her, despite all her flaws, and pledge to complete each other. Anupama offers bhog of different sweets to God, much to Little Anu’s delight. Barkha and Ankush join them in celebration of the festival, with Anuj suggesting that they put aside their problems for the day and attend an event organized by his friend. Little Anu assures them they will have lots of fun.

Precap: The Shahs go to a party. Leela hopes they don’t come across the Kapadias. Anupama confronts Leela about Dimpy. Leela warns her to take care of her family. MaaYa watches them hiding and thinks Leela is right.

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