Meet 20th January 2023 Written Update


A few members of the village arrive and see them hugging. Meet realizes she mistook Meet Ahlawat for Manmeet. Manmeet stands up for this woman who wants to change our females. Meet leaves. Manmeet has been asked by the Sarpanch to attend the Panchayat meeting tomorrow.

When Meet reaches home, Babita and Raj become worried. When Manmeet walks in and says don’t worry, she’s fine and she was about to jump into the well while sleeping, but I caught her, and the sarpanch and his men misunderstood it, so they’ll raise it in the panchayat tomorrow. Don’t worry, Manmeet says he’ll handle it.

Meet asks Manmeet why she came near me. Raj responds that we sent her. Meet responds that he can fight alone, and he has Meet Ahlawat’s memories to support him. Manmeet leaves. Babita hugs Meet. It is enough for me to handle things here. Meet asks Babita and Raj to leave early in the morning. Raj says we cannot leave you alone. Meet says I have your support.

Sarkar walks into Panchayat and sits down. Sarpunch tells Sarkar about the incident. Manmeet warns Sarkar not to question Meet. Manmeet saved Chanda from jumping into the well when she was about to jump in. Chanda told Sarkar that Manmeet’s face resembles that of her husband Meet Ahlawat.

The entire community laughs at Meet. Sarkar says it sounds like a movie story, Meet says Chanda, I don’t believe in this Panchayat, let’s go. Sarkar’s men try to attack Meet, but Manmeet intervenes. This woman’s character is questioned here and as a king, you look bad. Sarkar says we have rules and as a widow, she needs to stay in limits, but she jumped on you.

As Manmeet taps his keg hard, the keg gets dusty, and he warns everyone not to bring Meet into it, saying that he himself was part of that incident, so why is Meet alone wrong? However, who said Man is always right? According to Sarkar, I agree we should not disrespect women, but this woman has crossed her line. As per the rules here, she either marries you or she will marry someone else.

As Joshoda saw all this, he walked to all the women in the house and announced that the wedding had been postponed. Meet says he doesn’t believe the Panchayat and won’t accept anything. Sarkar says okay we will do what we do, so he gets chunari and sindoor and gives them to Manmeet.

Manmeet takes sindoor, Meet thinks about Meet Ahlawat, Meet pushes the plate and says how dare you Manmeet, I am Meet Ahlawat’s wife, you talk about women’s freedom, and you don’t understand consent.

Chanda follows Meet as Meet tells Sarkar that the world has changed and that you are stuck in old rituals. You can do whatever you want but I am not agreeing with any decision here and you will stay away from me. Everyone laughs at Sarkar as he teases Manmeet by his name. Sarkar leaves the room.

Informed about Meets’ actions at the Panchayat, Jashoda gets angry. Her daughter-in-law asks why she is so annoyed. The maid walks in with Chunari and says Panditji sent it. Jashoda gets angry and leaves.

It is not necessary for me to file a complaint with these people, Meet tells Raj and Babita what happened. Raj says he’ll file one, but Meet says it isn’t necessary. Manmeet stood by her in this situation, I’m not saying that they look alike, I’m just saying that he cares for her just like Meet Ahlawat does. Let’s not discuss all this, he says.

Meet walks out in anger. Manmeet yells, “Where was I wrong, it was the Panchayat’s decision”. Manmeet closes the door and windows.

I won’t leave until you tell me why you’re upset with me, Manmeet says.

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