Meet 19th January 2023 Written Update

Meeting with a kid and telling him how he will win the competition even my Nani will see it. Meet shows him that she is looking at him. Manmeet asks her to walk in. Meet walks in. Manmeet says today is a special day for me. Meet says yes, I know. Manmeet says you know I always hear everyone and do as I wish, I’m scared for my meeting in 2 minutes.

Meet gives Manmeet a needle and thread to stitch his collar button. Manmeet tries to put the thread in the needle. Meet takes the needle away from him and puts the thread inside. He tries to stitch it but can’t. Meet stitches his collar button. The two are in Chanda’s room. Babita is concerned about how much longer Meet will take. Chanda brings them water and apologizes that they don’t have facilities like yours.

Raj says don’t worry, nothing matters when there is love, she asks about Meet and says I’m worried about her. According to Babita, I believe Meet is having trouble because of Manmeet because her mind is telling her to stay away, but her heart is telling her to see him again. I think she wants us to meet Manmeet, so why did she ask us to come with her to return the dupatta to him?

Manmeet finishes his meeting, and he shouts, “You’re my lucky mascot, I just want my dream to come true.” Meet gives him a dupatta and says, “It should be returned.” I was close to my Nani when I was a kid. People scolded me for my wrestling behaviour, but my Nani encouraged me, which led to me sharing my secret with you, but Nani is dead now, so it has been my dream to win the trophy ever since. When someone dies, their dream becomes yours and you work hard to achieve it, so tell me if you will help me in my quest.

Manmeet remembers Meet Ahlawat’s dream. She takes Manmeet’s hand away. She says we should return it back. Manmeet says come, we’ll go together. Meet says this will be our last meeting from now on. Meet walks away. He picks up Dupatta. Manmeet says god will decide our path.

We meet at Chandas’s house with everyone. Meet says the mechanic will be able to come tomorrow, so we must stay nearby. Raj asks Chanda to look for a hotel. Chanda says I will stay here. Meet and asks where your husband is. Chanda says he is busy decorating Sarkar’s mansion, as his son is getting married in 10 days. Meet asks which one they are already married to.

After marriage, Chanda says that things are different here, if she gives birth to a boy, then it is fine, but if she is unable to give birth to a boy, then he can marry someone else. They are making arrangements for Narandra’s third marriage. In the past, he was married to Sapna, who gave birth to a dead child, and then he married Mulki, who was unable to give birth. Now marriage arrangements are being made.

The uninitiated say that Raj is uneducated here. Meet asks if that girl is ready to marry. Chanda replies that no one knows about the third wife, not even Narendra. Meet answers that whatever he does has a purpose. The two of them ask her to stay away from them. Meet thinks he is planning something big.

Sarkar, with his son Mahendra, says today is the right time to see how strong you are. He takes his blessings and leaves. In the middle of the night, Babita, Raj, and Chanda are sleeping when they hear someone knocking at the door. Raj asks Chanda does she know who it could be. Someone from outside shouts to open the door.

As Chanda gets scared, she locks herself inside. Chanda says Mahendra men are here. She asks everyone to hide somewhere and looks for Meet. She remembers Meet Ahlawat throwing her out of the window when she was walking outside. Chanda says I’ll call Manmeet to help us. She calls him and tells him Mahendra men are here to trouble us. Chanda walks towards the door and tries to shut it with her strength.

Then Raj asks Babita to come inside. His men come inside and hit her. Chanda says you are doing wrong. He lets them go because they didn’t do anything. They are about to hit Raj but Manmeet comes in between and saves them. Manmeet says do not forget what you faced last time.

He says you are coming again between Sarkar’s work, come here. Everyone leaves the house. Chanda thanks him. Manmeet asks Raj and Babita about Meet. Meet is walking alone on the street. Babita says my daughter-in-law is suffering from sleepwalking from a trauma that happened a long time ago. Manmeet says no worries I’ll get her back.

She stands on the ledge, thinking about Meet Ahlawat, walking towards the well. Manmeet stops her and says what were you doing, you were trying to commit suicide. Meet gets emotional seeing him and hugs him tightly, crying, saying please don’t go again.

Trying to calm her down, Manmeet promises not to leave her.

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