Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 19th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Akshara updating everyone that Abhir’s fever had reduced and he was no longer feeling restless in his sleep. He was, however, missing Abhinav. Surekha then inquires whether he could have overheard their conversation the previous day. Unsure, Akshara suggests he should eat something. But as she reminisces about Abhir’s past achievements, she decides to surprise him with balloons in his room. When Abhir wakes up and sees the balloons, it brings a smile to his face. Just then, Akshara enters with more balloons and recalls how she used to encourage him after coming second in class. As the flashback ends, she wonders how to ask him if he heard their discussion last night. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu video calls Abhir and showing concern for his well-being asks if he has a fever.

Akshara believes Abhir did not hear us. Abhimanyu expresses his regret, wishing he had been by your side, Papa…Abhir inquires why you would do this to my father. I know everything, you were not only my Papa’s friend and superhero, but also our family. Why would you do this? Abhimanyu denies it, saying I love you. How could I do such a thing? Abhir states his hatred towards him for causing a rift between him and his father. As Abhimanyu sheds tears, Abhir hangs up the phone. The constable takes the phone from him. As Manjiri appears, Abhimanyu’s memories with her resurface. Abhir expresses his animosity towards “docman”. Akshara consoles him and asks him to take deep breaths and calm down. Abhimanyu reveals that he witnessed Sharma ji’s fall and now he feels like he has fallen in Abhir’s eyes as well. Manjiri encourages him to stay strong and reminds him that their lawyer will prepare them for tomorrow’s proceedings. He sadly mentions his illness that spreads through touch.

According to her, it’s all a part of Kanha ji’s plan. To win Abhir’s heart, you must first earn his love. Losing his father has left him in need of someone to fill that void, someone he can trust and rely on. She embraces him tightly before calming down Abhir at Akshara’s request. Meanwhile, Ruhi notices that there are many balloons around them and decides to get breakfast for everyone. However, she brings Abhir a glass of juice instead. She mentions that she skipped school for the day and suggests they watch a movie together before catching up with their friend Abhimanyu who might have a new game for them to play together. She knows Abhir misses him dearly, but he reacts violently and disapprovingly by throwing the glass away and denying any feelings of longing towards his friend.

He claims to be bad, so I can’t stand him. She inquires about the situation. He explains that his father passed away because of the person, who killed him. Ruhi protests, saying he would never do such a thing and that he is a loving and kind individual. This disagreement leads to a heated argument and results in them popping balloons in anger. Akshara and Aarohi arrive and intervene to stop the fight. Abhir accuses Aarohi’s father of taking his own father’s life and insists that she is taking sides with him. Ruhi defends her Poppy, stating that he is not capable of murder. Akshara reminds them both of their love for their respective fathers and urges them not to quarrel with each other. However, Abhir refuses to speak to Ruhi any longer. Akshara puts an end to the argument and Aarohi comforts Ruhi while Akshara consoles Abhir. Aarohi wonders where Abhir went wrong in this situation.

Akshara wonders why Ruhi is putting up with everything. Aarohi then leads Ruhi outside, causing her to exclaim that it has been 4 days since she heard from “poppy”. She desperately pleads for Aarohi to take her to him. However, Aarohi reveals that he cannot be reached as he is currently in jail, much to Ruhi’s disbelief. The latter starts defending “poppy” and accusing Abhir of lying while demanding for him to be brought back home. Aarohi calmly explains that it is up to the court to decide his fate, which only further angers Ruhi who lashes out at everyone. Abhir suggests going to “docman’s” house, expressing his dislike for him and the need to see their father through the resort videos possessed by Tai ji. Akshara questions his reasoning, and he responds by saying he misses their father and wants closure. Accepting this, she agrees and they proceed with the plan.

Akshara contacts Shefali and hopes she is available. Shefali answers the call and Akshara inquires about her whereabouts. Akshara then mentions that Abhir is yearning for pictures and videos from the resort, which are on Shefali’s phone. She asks if they can pick them up, to which Shefali agrees. Akshara expresses her gratitude while also acknowledging that Manjiri might not approve of this. However, as soon as Shefali turns around, she sees Manjiri standing nearby who hands her an envelope containing videos as a birthday gift for Akshara from Abhinav. The rest of the family urges Akshara to give her statement and remain strong in the pursuit of justice for Abhinav. Akshara assures them that justice will be served to Abhimanyu accordingly. Finally, Shefali arrives with the envelope and Surekha reminds everyone that Akshara had requested for it earlier.

Shefali points out, “I got that as well,” before keeping the pendrive. She then hands an envelope to Akshara, saying it’s from Abhimanyu. Both Akshara and Manish read the letter, where it states that Abhimanyu has granted custody of Abhir to both Abhinav and Akshara. Manish questions the motive behind this decision, wondering why Abhimanyu would give custody to them if he wanted to get rid of Abhinav. Shefali adds, “Think about it before making a statement in court.” Kairav interjects with a clap, calling Abhimanyu’s actions “cunning” and speculating that he did it for sympathy knowing he will be punished by the court.


Akshara says sign on the papers, do what I want. She goes to court and says I am Abhimanyu’s lawyer. Abhimanyu says she is fighting for him. Manjiri says it’s her way of taking revenge.


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