Suhaagan 12th May 2023 Written Episode Update


Suhaagan 12th May 2023, Written Update on

Madan and Rekha are upset about Phoolwati’s drama in the episode. Phoolwati listens to them. Bindiya talks to her parents and misses them. She says if they were with them, they wouldn’t have cried. Madan tells Phoolwati that she’s played a trick and will turn him into a villain and she’ll turn into a heroine.

Bindiya tells her mother Bua is doing well, and she calls the girls by their names. Phoolwati tells Madan that she will receive the house and farm in her name soon, and he will just watch. When Bindiya comes out wearing the dress, Payal gets jealous and says Bua didn’t provide a good dress. Dadi takes off their bad sight. Phoolwati brings cake. The girls say Malai cake. Payal becomes upset. Bindiya recalls her father’s promise to bring Malai cake. She gets teary-eyed.

Phoolwati asks if she doesn’t like it. Bindiya says Baba promised she’d bring malai cake next time. Bindiya and Payal cut the cake together. Bindiya tries to feed Madan, but Phoolwati eats it.

Master ji is taken to the side by Madan and asked if he came for his birthday. Master ji tells the girls he came to share their happiness like he left everything for them. Master ji announces the game and makes two teams. Bindiya and Payal are on opposite teams, and they play the game to a tie.

Master ji asks the captains of the teams to play. Payal and Bindiya come forward to play. Payal tries to distract Bindiya, but the latter wins. Payal says that it’s cheating, since she’s small and her hand too is small. Phoolwati arrives at Amma and gives her tea. Amma promises Phoolwati that God will also give her great happiness. Phoolwati asks Madan why he doesn’t say anything. Madan is upset. Phoolwati thanks Madan for his help.

Bhim checks the tape recorder and says electricity is out. Bindiya sings a song to cheer up Payal. Payal dances. Dadi praises Bindiya’s song. Payal pushes Bindiya intentionally. Master ji scolds her.

I don’t want to stay here because everyone loves Bindiya but not me, says Payal. Despite knowing that you haven’t done anything intentionally, Bindiya says everyone loves you, especially me. Payal says she should enjoy wearing the new dress, and asks her to be everyone’s favorite.

She goes. Bindiya tells Dadi she will cheer up Payal. Master ji leaves. Bindiya tells Dadi that Payal didn’t laugh and hadn’t spoken to her. Dadi asks her to leave her alone for a while. He asks her to show the gifts her friends gave her. Bindiya shows her candy floss. Payal looks at it and thinks how to ask her if she will give me this.

A quick idea occurs to her and she pretends that she has a sprain in her foot. Bindiya rubs the foot with her hands. Payal says she is no longer upset. Bindiya tells Payal they will have it together. Dadi says if you’re together, you’ll become each other’s strength, and if you’re not together, you’ll become each other’s weakness.

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