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Meet and Manmeet are in the market. Meet seems shocked. Manmeet asks her what happened. Meet says she just remembered my past. Manmeet says I saw you were looking at this knife, so I bought it for you. Shagun sees Meet and Manmeet shopping together. Meet looks at Shagun and says your girlfriend is here.

A room with Sapna, Gunwanti, Mahendra, Narendra, and Sundari. Narendra tells Gunwanti Sarkarpur’s people will laugh at us if they hear that we have a baby brother, but this news should not leave Sarkarpur. Sundari says the news is weird, but it could sabotage Jalebi and Sarkar’s marriage.

In the market, Shagun asks Manmeet what she’s doing here with Meet. He says she’s helping Meet with some work and I think my decision of joining hands with her was right. Shagun feels bad and walks away.

As he walks toward Shagun, he says, “Don’t worry about feeling bad once things are fine between Mom and Dad, I’ll remove Meet with the video of Inspector Bhati and we will be fine.” He sees a shop and says, “Come let’s drink some cold milk.” Manmeet is busy with the shopkeeper. Shagun thinks, “Manmeet and Meet are getting closer, what magic did she do to him?”.

Manmeet brings Jasodha to the common area and says soon Bapu Sarkar will come and say he won’t marry again. Meet says to everyone today I’m happy, so I made sweets. It’s Sarkar who walks in. Everyone stands in the common area. He takes a rasgulla in his hand and says to Jasodha, “You love them too.”

Sarkar feeds her rasgulla forcefully. Jasodha starts coughing and spits it out. Sarkar asks Manmeet to keep away and he taps on Jasodha’s back. Sarkar says you lied a lot to me and you made our relationship a joke, you joined your hands with Meet and told me a piece of fake news. Jasodha is shocked. Sarkar says I am sure.

Shagun recalls talking to Manmeet in the market about how Meet asked the doctor to make a fake pregnancy report about Jasodha. Imarti standing nearby hears what Shagun was saying to Manmeet.

She asks Sarkar why her doctor changed the report. Jasodha is shocked and confused, looking at Manmeet and Meet. She begs Sarkar for help. Manmeet tells Meet to tell Bapu Sarkar it was my fault because Mom doesn’t know anything. Suddenly Meet stops him and says, “Let him blame me.”

Jasodha has no idea about this I thought you wouldn’t marry again after hearing this news, and you two would be back together. Thank God I’m safe, Shagun thinks. Sarkar walks to Meet in anger, seeing hot coal placed in Chula in front of them, he kicks it in anger. Manmeet stands in front of Jasodha to keep her from burning.

The hand of Meet is injured when she saves Manmeet from burning. Sarkar says for a moment I thought Jasodha was pregnant, and I was going to postpone this marriage too, but now you have made me even angrier, he says to Meet, you can do anything to stop me from marrying Jalebi, so meet should organize the haldi ceremony. Jasodha enters the room. Imarti and Jalebi smile.

As Jalebi and Imarti walk towards Sarkar, Jalebi gives him juice. Imarti says she made it especially for you. Sarkar looks angry. Imarti says Meet is trying to act smart because Manmeet joined hands with her. Sarkar looks angry at Imarti.

During the process of crushing turmeric for Dadi, Manmeet thinks about her. He brings the ointment to her, saying it’s better than turmeric. Meet struggles to apply the ointment. Manmeet says give it to me, I’ll help. Meet says this day will be etched in history. You are again treating my wound. Manmeet closes his eyes.

When Meet asks why your eyes are closed, Manmeet replies, “I don’t want to make new memories with you, so I’m closing them.” Your father will break up with you if he finds out you did everything because you said you waited 24 years for your parents to love you, and I don’t want anyone to be separated from their parents.

I don’t understand what Meet and Manmeet talk about every day, and Manmeet isn’t seen near Shagun. Sarkar throws a glass at Imarti, saying my son cannot disrespect me or go against me.

As Manmeet tells Meet, my mother is hurting a lot and if something happens to her, I will do something to myself. Everything will be fine if you support me. Manmeet asks how you will do it. Meet says nothing will happen because I’ll make Sarkar realize that he is incomplete without Jasodha.

Sarkar takes Manmeet’s name and walks inside the kitchen with Imarti. Meet hides inside the kitchen. Manmeet asks Sarkar what happened to him. Sarkar says to Imarti my son lied to Meet so that he could take revenge on her and I cannot believe he joined hands with Meet. Please listen carefully, and don’t try to turn me against him. Manmeet says Sarkar is right and hugs him. Sarkar scolds Imarti and tells her not to take my son’s name again. Imarti leaves. Sarkar walks out. Manmeet walks to Sarkar.

Everyone is busy preparing for the Haldi ceremony. A man walks up to Mahendra and says everything is done according to Sarkar’s wishes. Mahendra irritates him and shouts at him. Sarkar walks to the common area. Imarti enters the common area with Jalebi. When workers see Jalebi dressed up for the ceremony, they are shocked.

Meet walks in and sees Jalebi shaking his hand and looking towards the worker. Jalebi drops the kalash. The worker walks away. Meet wonders why Jalebi looks scared after seeing him.

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