Faltu 26th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Ayaan comes to Vishal and scolds him. Vishal says Faltu loves you. Leave me, or else I can be angry too.

I have settled the scores, you snatched my opportunities, and then left cricket and joined dad’s business, all because your dad had money, I didn’t have it, I didn’t get respect in the academy because of you, think this is my revenge, I’ll tell you one thing, I wanted to do so much with that girl, but I did not. Get out now, or else I’ll throw you out. Ayaan wins.

He says you made a big mistake by involving her in our matter, how dare you do this, I won’t spare you. He lifts a table to throw at him. He asks who asked you to frame her, tell me. Vishal says Kanika asked me to frame her and she gave me money. Ayaan is shocked. He leaves.

We can get their sympathy if we confess the truth. Tanu says no, we can’t do that, if he knows I did all this, he will leave me, I can’t let this happen. He gets Faltu home. Dadi asks where did you go, we were concerned for you. Kanika says I want to tell you something. Janardhan asks what. Ayaan says I will tell you.

Ayaan says I want to meet her culprit. Kanika says I’ll tell you. Ayaan says you messed around a lot. Ayaan says Kanika ruined Faltu’s career. She got Vishal to the academy and defamed Faltu, she did all the transactions from my account so that I get suspected if anyone finds out the truth. He gets the file and says this is the proof. Sid and Sumitra smile.

Kanika says she will explain. Ayaan says you ruined her career and her character. He asks Tanu to ask her mom why she did it.

Kanika says don’t involve Tanu, she doesn’t know anything, you compelled me to do this, tell me what Tanu did that you did wrong with her since you both got married, you didn’t give her any happiness, Tanu tried a lot to keep you happy, you left her alone in the mandap, even then she married you, and you cheated her, so I did this to get Faltu out of your life forever.

Ayaan says wow, amazing, you’ll ruin someone’s life for your daughter’s life. You don’t regret anything, even I shouldn’t regret anything. Faltu stops him. My father told me I had to forget about Faltu and concentrate on Tanisha, but I can’t do it after knowing the truth, how can I keep quiet now, how can I conceal our truth?

Faltu turns to go. Ayaan says you won’t go anywhere, Faltu. Dadi asks what truth. Janardhan says nothing, end this matter. Faltu turns to leave. Ayaan holds Faltu’s hand and says, “Before I married Tanu, I filled sindoor in Faltu’s maang at the temple.”. Dadi asks what truth you are talking about. Ayaan apologizes, I didn’t want to hide anything, I fainted, and I didn’t remember anything. Faltu remembered, but she didn’t tell anyone, she didn’t want Tanisha and my relation to spoil. Kanika stole everything from her today.

Tanu sits crying. Janardhan says it was an accident. Faltu apologizes to Tanu. She scolds Kanika and asks her to admit her mistake. I will go to the academy, no one will care for me here. Sumitra asks how you won’t come back, you can’t leave this house now, it’s your home. Sid asks Sumitra to see Tanu’s condition. Ayaan stops Faltu. She disputes Ayaan’s point of view.

Ayaan says you won’t go anywhere, but Janardhan says just go Faltu, you’ll get your admission done. Kanika says yes, I did wrong, I will let Faltu know, and I promise to clear Faltu’s name. She asks Ayaan to console Tanu. Ayaan says sorry Tanu, it should not have happened.

Tanu says it’s okay, we’ll start over. Ayaan takes her away and says no Tanisha, this isn’t possible, I can’t do this, I should have told you before, I’ve taken time to realize my feelings, I’ll never love you. Janardhan shouts at Ayaan.


Kanika says I will never let Faltu get happy, and that Ayaan will go to the village but come home alone. She burns Faltu’s picture. Tanisha signs the divorce papers and tells Ayaan to speak with Faltu’s dad.

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