Faltu 3rd June 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 3rd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Ayaan saying we have no problem, we have to deposit the money. Faltu asks him not to go. She cries. He says nothing will happen to me. She says don’t go, please. He leaves. She says something wrong is going to happen. She prays. Goldie meets Ayaan.

All of them discuss. Faltu thinks about Ruhaan’s words. Ayaan meets Goldie at some place. Goldie says you’re here. Ayaan says I need some money. Goldie says I know everything about you and the JM Mart. Ayaan says I’m fine, thank you. Goldie tells him to sit. Savita tears as she sees Janardhan.

He says I have no courage to handle my family, Ayaan and Faltu are in trouble, I cannot even support Kinshuk and Ayesha, I have failed. Savita asks him to be strong. FB ends. Faltu comes to meet Savita. Govind asks Faltu where Ayaan is.

Govind asks her to come. She asks Kinshuk to arrange for Savita to meet Dadi. Goldie says I know you have goodwill. Ayaan says I need a loan urgently.

Goldie laughs and says if you don’t return the money, you will be in danger. Ayaan asks what he means. Goldie says if you don’t return the money, you will be in danger.

Faltu calls Ayaan after the doctor tells Govind about the treatment costs and urgency. Ayaan says thanks, I will return the money with interest. Govind says you have to return the money no matter what. Faltu keeps calling Ayaan. Govind says perhaps he didn’t receive any money, so he isn’t talking to us.

Ayaan sees some goons following Faltu. Ruhaan asks the manager to be ready, Faltu has a few hours left now, and she has to arrange money. Ayaan asks the goons to let him go to his family. A goon slaps him and says we will steal the bag. Ayaan warns them. The goons surround him. Ayaan’s phone breaks.


Then Faltu calls Ayaan. She worries. Ayaan gets beaten up. She says I have to leave. She says fine, I’ll leave my dreams for the happiness of my family.

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