Anupama 6th March 2023 written episode update

Anupama written update

Written episode of Anupama 6th March 2023

Anuj tells Maaya he is devoted to Anupama, and her feelings for him don’t matter. Reminding him of his promise to let her stay, Maaya insists she never intended on interfering between the two. However, Ankush and Barkha urge Anuj not to be taken in by tears, as they are a woman’s weapon against men. Maaya states that even though she came only for Little Anu, it was when Anuj protected her that she couldn’t control herself. She never had any intentions of coming between Anuj and Anupama. Barkha raises an eyebrow, asking if this was true.

Maaya claims that due to her agreeing to Kavya’s statements, everyone began to judge her; Barkha said she had to tell the truth as Kavya gave her no other options. Maaya confesses and admits she made a mistake, saying Anuj is so nice anyone can be smitten by him. Barkha then questions Anuj if someone told him they were in love with Anupama would he allow them to stay in his house; why is he indulging an exploiter? Maaya exclaims she is not an emotional manipulator and wanted to clarify it was her doing and Anuj had nothing to do with it. Then, Anupama warns her firmly not to say another word, as she unshakably has faith in her husband.

Maaya apologizes to Anuj and acknowledges that he was getting angry whenever Anupama visited the Shah House. Barkha chimes in, accusing Maaya of wanting to take care of Little Anu just so she can be close to her daughter’s papa. Maaya retorts that all she was doing was out of love for her daughter and a desire to alleviate Anupama’s burden. Anupama gratefully appreciates her past efforts but cautions Maaya that no woman would tolerate someone managing her husband – it is thus best that she depart. Akush finally agrees with the consensus.

Anupama says she doesn’t regret sending her out, seeing her evil intentions. Anuj asks Maaya to leave. Maaya says she will go, and will also take her daughter with her. The four of them stand in shock.

Pakhi hopes Anupama won’t be swayed by Maaya’s words and that Maaya will leave their lives soon. Vanraj isn’t sure Anupama would agree but is certain Anuj would want her to stay. Adhik says Anuj isn’t like that. Hasmukh suggests they all go to their rooms and not voice any opinions here, prompting Kinjal to concur. Leela comments on the difference between how her son was treated compared with Anuj when he makes mistakes. Pakhi expresses her hope that peace prevails in the Kapadia house and that Maaya leaves soon.

Maaya threatened to take her daughter away at any cost. Barkha pointed out that Maaya was acting like an oppressed woman despite this being her reality; Anuj agreed Maaya was blackmailing them. Maaya shared that she made a mistake and apologized, however, they had refused to forgive her; yet she wanted to remain with her daughter. Barkha then accused her of trying to trap Anuj but failed in doing so. Anupama and Anuj declared that they wouldn’t let Maaya take Little Anu away. Maaya then fiercely stated that as the biological mother, no one or any law could stop her from taking her daughter; to which Anuj asked what would happen if Little Anu refused to go with her. Maaya replied that he should consider how his daughter would feel if Little Anu cried. Intervening, Anupama questioned why such a child should be caught up in the fight between two adults; Maaya replied it was only to stay close to Little Anu, assuring of no bad intentions towards them even after having hurt them in some way. In spite of everything, Anupama had allowed her into their home due to her being Little Anu’s biological mother.

She says Little Anu is her daughter and has never attempted to manipulate her against Anuj and Anupama. They are like her extended family and she will never harm them. Barkha asks if they are her sister and brother-in-law or brother and sister-in-law. Maaya says she doesn’t want to talk to her and continues her justification.

Then she asks Anupama to let her celebrate Anupama’s birthday, as she had promised Little Anu. If not for a month, let her stay for a day. Barkha and Ankush ask her to leave before Anupama’s birthday, and they decide about Little Anu later. She pleaded with both for letting her stay for one day at least.

Samar walks holding Dimple’s hand while expressing his concern for Anupama. Dimple says he should trust Anuj. Samar says he trusts Anuj but not his fate. Dimple says even she fears getting Samar and losing him. Samar proposes to Dimple, but Dimple says her divorce proceedings are not yet completed. Samar says he will wait until her divorce has been finalized and she happily hugs him.

Anupama inquires if Anuj gave Maaya permission to stay an extra month, and he confirms remembering the incident. With remorse, he admits to being driven by selfishness in wanting Little Anu to be happy. They consider that Maaya is rightfully entitled to her child before deciding he should let her go. When Little Anu arrives for her notebook, Anu gives it to her with a good night wish. The little girl informs them of missing a class due to their involvement with Anupama’s birthday; as soon as she departs, Anuj is overcome with grief at the thought of life without his daughter.

When Anuj and Anupama aren’t around to celebrate Anupama’s birthday, Maaya gets anxious.

After celebrating Anupama’s birthday at an orphanage, Anuj, Anupama, and Little Anu go to the beach for a picnic.

Upon returning home, Maaya informs Anupama that she cannot get an evening flight and is leaving in the morning. Anupama wonders whether Maaya will go alone or with Little Anu.

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