Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st March 2023

Ghum hai kisike

‘Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’ 1st March 2023 Written Episode Update

She comforts Pakhi and says she’ll ask Sai questions, and if Sai answers her questions, she can stay here or leave. While Virat rests, Sai drives Virat’s car. Virat says she drives well. Sai remembers Virat teaching her and says she learned to drive from a khadus. In reply, Virat tells her she taunts him even for his good work. She apologizes, and he says he needs praise from her. Sai reveals she had been angry with him because she thought he informed Pakhi about Vinu, but later discovered it was Jagtap who thought this would help her.

Sai drives to her hospital and asks Virat to drive carefully to his police station. Virat says even she should take care of her. Sai says even he should go into the hospital. He reaches the police station. His subordinates chuckle when they see his earring stuck in his collar. Virat asks why. His subordinate says Bhabhiji’s earring is stuck in his collar. Virat smiles and recalls Sai hugging him while applying the emergency brakes on the car.

Inquiring about him, Kamble asks Virat why. Virat asks why he troubled Dr Sai. Kamble says he didn’t know Sai was his ex-wife. Virat asks why ash was applied to Sai’s face despite learning about it. He recalls Sai slapping him and says she deserved it for what she did.

As Virat punches him, he makes him fall down and warns him that he will have to change his ways if he does not. As soon as Virat walked in, Kamble’s lawyer brought anticipatory bail and said they could not beat or arrest him. On the day of the Holi festival, Kamble decides to avenge Sai.

The constables are watching Savi teach drill when Sai returns home. The constables say they enjoyed it and ask Savi where she learned it. She apologizes on Savi’s behalf and asks Savi not to bother the constables. When Savi enters the outhouse, she sees Ashwini there. Her baba is a police officer and she uses to watch it at Kankavli police camp.

Despite the fact that Ashwini says she brought a cooler for Savi, Sai says Sai doesn’t think about them. Sai says she doesn’t understand. Ashwini says Sai didn’t think about them though. During Sai’s time as Virat’s wife, Pakhi was a second woman; she supported Sai against the whole family as she herself experienced Sai’s pain once, but now that Pakhi is Virat’s wife and Sai is a second woman, Sai is wrong for interfering with the lives of Virat and Pakhi.

Why doesn’t she understand that when a man is happily staying with his family, a second woman shouldn’t stay there and destroy his family; she feels sorry for Pakhi and Vinu who are afraid of Sai.

Hearing Ashwini’s allegations, Sai tears up and says she considered Ashwini a mother, but Ashwini distanced them by accusing her; does she think she came to break Pakhi’s house; why she thinks she should live with one child and sacrifice another child; would she have done the same if she had two children; she cannot choose between her son, so she’s here to calm him down and take him back, as taking him back isn’t snatching.

Ashwini says she is not cruel to snatch a child from her mother, but she is in a dilemma because Pakhi cannot bear a child and Sai already has a daughter, Pakhi lives only for her son and husband and considers Pakhi to be her daughter, so Sai should not break Pakhi’s heart, etc.

In order for Virat to smile, Pakhi fixed Sai’s earring on the wall. Bhavani asks if she is in her senses, who framed the earring. Pakhi replies that she fixed it for Virat so that he can see it when he enters and leaves the house. Virat knocks on Sai’s door looking worried. Sai opens the door and asks why he came here. Virat says Bhavani told him she needed help. Sai says he should pay attention to someone else. Virat says she is his children’s mother after all.

Apparently, Sai’s son hates her so much that he threw her prepared lunch into the trash because Virat filled his son’s head with poison. Virat says he didn’t. When Sai takes her two children out of his house, Virat should be worried if he doesn’t do anything to remove that poison from her son’s mind.

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