Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 10th April 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 10th April 2023 Written Update update on

During the episode, Shivendra and Surilii are introduced and their lifestyles are described. Rani Sahiba is seen at Ranakgarh. She calls her son but he doesn’t answer. She says I’ll come and see the arrangements. Surilii helps the people. After she gets home, she greets Maasi. She says she’s very happy today. She asks Maasi to eat breakfast with her.

Maasi says to pay the electricity bill, so her TV won’t be turned off. Surilii says fine, bye. She leaves for her work. She says I will run, but not fall, this is Mumbai, people fall and get up to run away. Shivendra talks with his manager Bandish. He is on his way. Ranimaa’s decision means the girls will now study in Ranakgarh.

A little girl tells Surilii she wants a dollhouse from her dad. He drops the girl off at the school bus. She gets tired. She sees her cafe. Shivendra comes and sees the closed board. He leaves. Surilii changes the board to open. He gets out of the car. In the cafe, he sees Surilii. She apologizes that she didn’t see him. He orders the coffee. She says it’s been in business since 1978 when my parents used to run it. She makes the coffee. She asks for 120 rupees. Shivendra checks and says he forgot his wallet. She says no problem, Gpay is there. He says he doesn’t use it.

I’m the coffee queen, so enjoy your coffee, you can pay it later. She jokes. He thanks her for being so kind. The coffee spills. She apologizes. He cleans it. She apologizes. She rushes to give coffee to Zuzu uncle.

As soon as Shivendra gets Bandish’s call, he says he will be there in ten minutes. He arrives at his office and meets the client. The client says our first name will be Talwar and then Barot. He tells Bandish to make new papers so Talwar won’t have this deal. Talwar says listen to me, you felt bad.

You signed four deals with my company, Shivendra says. He goes out and meets Maanvender. He hugs him. He asks him to recite some poetry for me. Mum has sent you to get me for the royal dinner. I disagree with her ways, not her decisions. I spoke with Maa about the university deal, but she rejected it.

The poet reads poetry about Maa. Rani Maa appears. A man comes and says it is important for us to leave right away. Rani Maa leaves. Surilii is at the café. She is running late. Her sister asks Surilii to go. Surilii says help me. Shivendra asks Talwar to show him the city. Shivendra says he has some work, but Maanvender will take you there because he is a poet.

Maanvender says yes, we will go to the same hotel where Shivendra is staying, there is a festival going on. A girl stands in the darkness and cries. She says Rani has come. She sings poetry. She says Kalika has come. She asks what do you want to say? The girl warns her. She tells her the girl is beautiful, and attractive, and will control him with her smile.

Surilii is seen loading the boxes into the van. Shivendra leaves his office. The girl says Kalik has chosen him. Run if you can. Shivendra passes by and hears Surilii whistle. He stops and calls her out. When they see the firecrackers, they smile.


Rani Maa says Kalik is like a snake that bites men and they forget their duty. Talwar argues with Shiv. He tells bad things about Surilii. Shivendra pushes him away. Surilii watches.

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