Faltu 27th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 27th April 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Faltu tells Ayaan about Janardhan’s ten per cent shares. She says he remained silent for fear of dragging the family into this matter. She apologizes to him. Ayaan promises to solve the problem. The family is more important than my career, she says. Tanu and Sid’s plan of revenge are discussed by Janardhan, Dadi and Savita. You used to think I was against Ayaan’s happiness, but I was standing in the family’s favour. Kanika and Tanu want us to do what they want, and we are badly caught.

Savita meets Faltu. She says you can call me Maa. She asks Faltu to help her cook. She says I didn’t know you were going to practice. Dadi consoles him. He says this happened because of Faltu. Ayaan says we will go for practice. Ayaan says your trial match is at 4pm, so if you make breakfast then the day will end. Faltu says I’ll practice later, I’ll cook breakfast, you rest. Tanu hears them. Savita says I have no choice so I came to say, I will handle it. Faltu says I’ll make the food and then we’ll leave.

Savita asks why do you want Faltu to cook, Tanu says Faltu makes tasty food. She is now a bahu and is supposed to be in charge. Sumitra instructs the servants and bosses around. Dadi asks what she gains. Faltu says he is not Rocky; he is Faltu, I will make the food. Sumitra gives a list of Tanu’s choices. Dadi asks why Faltu would cook, where is our cook? Sumitra says he has run away, we have no choice, Faltu will cook.

Faltu says it’s okay, making food for the family is good luck. Harsh asks who called the media. Kanika says I did, Janardhan wants to make a statement. She thinks I will be late, and Ayaan waits for Faltu. Janardhan and Kanika answer the reporters’ questions about Tanu and Sid’s marriage. Kanika thanks Sid for supporting Tanu. Janardhan says we’ll host a party to welcome Tanu, and you’ll all be invited. Ayaan returns home.

Dadi asks why Janardhan is retiring. He says he is transferring the business to Sid and Tanu. He says it is the right decision, and Sid and Tanu will be the future of our company. A reporter asks what Ayaan will do. Janardhan says he wants to do something else, but don’t worry, Sid is no less than Ayaan.

Then Janardhan walks into his room and cries, saying Ayaan had worked hard for this business, he wishes he wasn’t so helpless, and there’s no hope. Ayaan cries and says, “I apologize Dad, you are seeing this day because of me. I promise I will avenge you.” Faltu is asked to get Tanu hot food by Sumitra.

Faltu gets the hot food. She asks Tanu to be careful. Dadi says I can’t see this. Savita says I’ll come with you. Sumitra tells them to stay back. Faltu thinks Ayaan will be sad so I should be with him. She promises to see Ayaan and come. Tanu stops her and stops her. She praises her cooking skills and asks her to teach her as well.


Sumitra is fooled by Faltu’s disguise.

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