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Anuj, Anupama and Little Anu dance on stage.

Anuj, Anupama, and Little Anu took to the stage with a performance on Hawa Hawaii; everyone applauded as Leela looked on glumly. Maaya, watching from a distance, was looking forward to meeting Little Anu’s foster parents. The host enquired as to what their secret weapon was for such a spirited routine, and Anuj replied that family love is all they need – one can move their legs alone but only if they dance with their heart do they truly come alive with family. The host awarded them the Perfect Family award before announcing there would be a kite flying competition before one last surprise.

Dimpy is upset

Spotting Dimpy upset, Samar apologizes for what Leela had said. Hearing their talk, Anuj and Anupama pass by and the latter suggests responding to harsh words with calm replies, not retaliatory behaviour. She reminds them that a true person would be able to contain their rage. Samar and Dimpy nodded in agreement and then start back to their stall. Curious about what had transpired, Anuj queries Anupama; she briefly replied that it was fine, but they should talk about it at length some other time.

Kavya is getting ready

Vanraj calls Kavya and asks where she is. Kavya says she is busy and can’t speak right now. Vanraj argues. Kavya disconnects the call.

Toshu has a fight

Upon noticing Toshu and his friend arguing, Vanraj strolls over to investigate. On being asked why they’re fighting, Toshu claims that his companion wanted to buy a flat. His friend rebuts with the story of how he loaned out his vehicle for two hours, under the pretence that Toshu’s grandfather was unwell, only for it not to be returned even after three hours – in its place there were now several dents and scratches. Pursuing this line of reasoning, Toshu arrogantly exclaims that he is capable of affording an expensive car. The other retorts by reminding him that though his mother may come from the Kapadia family, his father’s bank balance has nothing remarkable to show for it. Soon after a physical altercation almost ensues between the two and Vanraj rushes forward in order to put an end to the commotion; he promises to have a look at the damaged car and repair it if need be. Once done, the friend departs leaving Vanraj with a stern warning for Toshu – informing him that he needs to stop all this drama right away.

Barkha advised Adhik

Adhik noticed Barkha had a heavy cough and so he offered her water. Appreciative of his gesture, she thanked him. He enquired if something had gone wrong between her and Ankush. She responded that troubles like these happened often, but this time it looked serious. She commented that it was an old wound that she could handle on her own. Relating it to the reformation in Pakhi, he noted that the latter managed to change for the better and compromised with Anuj. Barkha suggested that he should stay away from the toxicity of the Shah family while he argued that their family also wasn’t free from such ills but he had learnt adaptation and was fortunate to have a stable family back home; she should stand by him as he celebrates his joys. However, Barkha remained frowning even after such an exchange.

Anu is missing MaaYa

Anupama suggests that we join a kite-flying competition, but Little Anu insists on meeting Maaya first. Host announces international perfume launch. Vanraj says she’s busy and will arrive soon

Leela asks Vanraj about Kavya. Vanraj says she’s busy and will arrive shortly. Leela hopes they don’t get a surprise. 

Kavya on stage to launch a new perfume

Kavya takes the stage to promote perfume and brings joy to Anupama and the others, whereas Leela and Vanraj feel abashed. She gives everyone a chance to sample the fragrances, with Anuj, Anupama, and Little Anu remarking that she looks ravishing. Leela cautions Vanraj to rein in Kavya before it’s too late or else circumstances could spiral out of control. Kavya announces the new scents are backed by Maaya; Little Anu is delighted at this news while Anuj wonders why she isn’t coming forth. Maaya remains concealed but muses that her appearance is forthcoming soon.

Kite flying competition starts

While preparing to fly the kite, Hasmukh calms down Leela, who frowns. On their kites, Pakhi and Adhik write their names, hoping no one will cut their kite and they will spread love as well. Kinjal writes Pari and her name on her kite. Toshu tries to write his name, but Kinjal stops him. Samar joins Dimple. 

Upon returning to Vanraj, Kavya asks how her performance went and shows her excitement.  Mohit wishes them all the best for the kite competition. Little Anu insists that Maaya’s kite be flown. Anuj and Anupama try to encourage her by writing their names on a kite. Maaya writes her and Little Anu’s names on her kite.


As Vanraj sees Kavya dancing with Mohit, Little Anu runs to Maaya. Maaya informs her that she is Anu’s biological mother and is come to take her back.

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