Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd September 2023 Written Update


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The princess tells Angad and Sahiba she should sleep in her princess room and bends to pick up her clip. Angad accidentally kisses Sahiba, and they feel nervous. Sahiba says she will get and let Simran sleep. Seerat knocks on her door and says she won’t be able to sleep there since Garry is there. Simran says big girls sleep alone, just like she does.

As Sahiba prepares Simran for sleep, Seerat tells Angad that she sees Garry everywhere. Angad tells her to calm down as Garry can’t return. Seerat says she is going crazy whenever she is alone and holds Angad’s hand. Upon returning, Sahiba recalls Keerat’s warning about Seerat’s altercation of behavior in front of Angad. Seerat continues to play the drama.

Sahiba tells Seerat that nothing will happen to her. Seerat ignores her and continues to look at Angad. Sahiba says she will sleep in Seerat’s room if she wants to. Seerat walks away saying that Angad’s assurance is all she needs.

Sahiba walks behind Seerat and says she can sleep here. When Seerat says she doesn’t want her to sleep, she taunts her that she must be happy that she has everything now and that she wants to show everyone that she cares about Garry’s widow and helpless Seerat by caring for her. When Angad is already taking care of her, Sahiba asks why she repeatedly reminds him of his promise and tries to gain his attention.

Angad’s wife Seerat asks what’s wrong if she gains his attention, Sahiba has everything. Sahiba reminds her that she is Angad’s wife and Seerat is Angad’s SIL. Sahiba says let’s go and ask Angad if Angad thinks the same way. Seerat says she does not want to disturb Angad.

Brars plans to throw a party for Sahiba the next morning. Manveer walks in frowning. Angad asks her to accept Sahiba for his sake and teach her. Manveer smiles and hugs him. Jasleen walks in.

When Prabjyoth asks Jasleen when they will throw a party for Sahiba, Jasleen says it will be on the 32nd of this month. Prabjoyth says the 32nd doesn’t appear on their calendar. Jasleen says they shouldn’t. Simran and Sahiba walk in. Veer says a party girl arrived. After Seerat walked in, she said her sister was eager to be head of the house, so they would plan a party tomorrow. Inder agreed.

Gurleen says it feels good to see Seerat in normal clothes. Angad praises Sahiba. Gurleen says it feels good seeing the family have breakfast together after a long time. Seerat frowns.

Angad has planned a fairytale date and wants to tell Keerat something, Sahiba tells her. In her response, Keerat says she has already told her that Angad fell in love with Sahiba. Sahiba feels shy. Keerat continues taunting her. Sahiba disconnects the call and thinks Keerat is right. She mimics Angad and wears his blazer.

It’s the song Chal Tere Ishq Mein Padjaate Hain. Angad walks in. Sahiba gets nervous and says she likes the blazer. She then says she’d like to talk about something. The maid informs her that Japjyoth is calling. Sahiba approaches the door. Angad asks if she wants to meet Bebe in a blazer. Sahiba returns the blazer and walks away timidly. Angad smiles.


As she kisses Angad and leaves with her bag, Sahiba says their togetherness is only until here. She returns the keys to Japjyoth and says she cannot fulfill the family’s responsibility. Japjyot asks what is the problem. Walking out of the house, Sahiba says she should ask Angad.

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