Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 16th September 2023

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 16th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Aaji saying the drama happened because of me. She cries. Vandana says don’t blame yourself. Aaji says I should have stayed quiet. Shivam says it’s their mistake, not yours, they’re bad people. You are our respect, Vandana says. Shivam says you’re cute. Vandana says to calm down. Vaibhav argues and blames Vandana for the drama.

Vandana defends herself. “I cannot stop myself from pushing down Aaji,” she says. He says we could have taken revenge later. He says they won’t leave us, as the memes and posts on the internet are going viral. Vandana says you see memes, but not what they said about us, we’re getting cheap and trying to woo their sons, Mrunal, don’t care. Anagha says they said wrong, you could have come silently, and you created another mess.

Vaibhav replies yes, they are rich people and possess big egos. Vandana says Kunal will understand, Vedika will reveal the truth to him. Vaibhav says his dad has become a joke, he would have become mad for revenge, so he won’t leave you, I’m going home. Shivam says wait. Anagha taunts him and asks him to come right away.

Murnal says this cannot be done. She cries and recalls everything. Kunal is outside the house. He sees Vandana and gets angry. Kunal calls someone. Aaji hugs Vandana. She says everyone blamed you, no one asked what you are going through. She hugs Aaji and says tomorrow will be a new morning and a new day.

Vandana remembers everything as she sits in the dark, wondering what to do. A knock at the door startles her and she becomes anxious. Grabbing a bat for protection, she cautiously approaches the door. Kunal’s voice breaks through her apprehension as he asks if she will open the door or if he should break it down. Reluctantly, she opens the door and finds Kunal standing there. He wastes no time in informing her that they have only 10 minutes to vacate the house and questions if they were sleeping since no one seemed to be making any moves to leave. With determination, he urges them to leave now before their time runs out. Vandana argues that it is their house, but Kunal produces legal documents showing otherwise. He reminds her that there are only 9 minutes left and insists that they must vacate so he can take possession of his property. However, Vandana refuses to give up without a fight and declares that this is not just their house but also her late father’s house who would never want them to leave. Ignoring this, Kunal asserts his authority over the property and makes it clear that he has every right to ask them to leave and do whatever is necessary to make

She requests me to come. Everyone arrives. The lights are switched on. Kunal believes it is feasible for him. Vandana mentions that her father and brother are not home, leaving only the women and Shivam in the house. She pleads with him not to take this course of action. Aaji joins in, urging them to stop, while Mrunal blames herself for Vandana’s mistake. Aaji advises Anagha and Mrunal to let go, encouraging Vandana to confide in Kunal as he will understand. Vandana rushes over to Kunal exclaiming “Mr. Kunal Malhotra ji”. She continues by saying that he must not do something wrong, adding that she has nowhere else to go. Kunal looks at his watch; only five minutes remain.


Kunal shuts the door and takes the keys. He says it’s game over. Everyone begs.

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