Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 26th July 2023 Written Update


Barsatein 26th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vivek explaining his romantic party plans. Reyansh jokes on him. Kadambari comes. Vivek says there is a big party. She says I have some work, I will be back in the evening, you make the arrangements. He wishes her all the best. She leaves. As Reyansh asks whether we should cancel the party, Vivek says no, she said she would come by evening. Reyansh says this never happened. Vivek says she will come, she knows this day is important for me, did you talk to her, who you love, accept it?

Reyansh firmly declines, saying he doesn’t want her to fall in love. Aradhana requests Revati to set a time and keep the plan in mind. Later, Aradhana and Pooja meet at Reyansh’s house where Pooja remarks that Reyansh is an extremist. He then asks Aradhana for help as he has lost the ring that his father gave him for their ceremony. Without much thought, Pooja responds positively and helps Reyansh search for the ring. Finally, Aradhana returns the box containing the ring and reveals that it was actually given to her by Reyansh’s mother, who mistakenly thought it was intended for her. Embarrassed, Reyansh apologizes and Aradhana leaves with a smile on her face.

When Vikram asks Reyansh to confess to Aradhana, he says she told me about her boyfriend. They leave in a car. He teases her about the ring. She plays music and does not answer. He asks what your answer would be if the ring was for you. We will purchase a new ring at the jewellery store. She increases the volume. He smiles. They arrive at the store.

Vivek calls him. Upon hearing that your mom is hurt, Vivek says it’s okay, don’t worry, come soon. Reyansh gets sad. Aradhana asks what happened. Reyansh says party is cancelled, ring is cancelled, madam left Indore and she won’t come, she hates me and dad. Aradhana says I won’t leave you and go. He says don’t change me and goes to a bar.

He recalls Vivek, and notices Kadambari in the same location. She indulges in drinking. He approaches her and makes snide remarks. They engage in a heated argument, with him accusing her of being emotionally dead. She clarifies that she became numb the day she was forced to marry his father, but never betrayed him. Reyansh insists that she committed emotional infidelity. She explains that she always wanted his father’s happiness, but memories have a way of pulling you back. He accuses her of putting on a show, to which she responds by slapping him and pointing out his own bitterness.

I don’t want to become like dad, and I don’t want to love any girl who manipulates me. He goes drinking. He walks in the rain. Aradhana sees him and runs toward him. He asks what happened. He says mom is here, she is drinking, she lied to dad, she doesn’t care for him. He cries. He hugs her. He complains about Kadambari. He says it’s not your fault. He asks her just to leave. Take me along, I have nothing left, I’m in pain. Mai teri hogai…plays… She takes him home.


He gets shocked and says the camera was on. Aradhana is shocked. Reyansh confesses love to Aradhana and says I love you. They hug. He gets shocked and says the camera was on.

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