Pandya Store 15th September 2023 Written Episode: Natasha’s Raksha Bandhan Celebration Turns Tense

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

Hetal says we should go. My brother didn’t come, and it will cause a big problem if my family knows we’re here for Raksha Bandhan. Natasha blesses her brothers at the start of the episode. Amba asks Chabeli to find them. Hetal meets her brother and says she misses you so much. She ties the rakhi and hugs him. Natasha helps her. Dhawal comes to buy the coconut. Hetal ties the rakhi and hugs him. Hetal thanks Natasha for her help.

She thanks the brothers for coming. She says Shesh and Mittu are my brothers. Mittu sees Dhawal coming. Chabeli listens to Natasha and Hetal talking. The audio plays on Bluetooth. The audio comes back on. She leaves. Shesh gives the gifts. Dhawal says everyone is waiting for you, Bhabhi. He looks at Natasha and leaves. Hetal worries. Chaveli tells Amba. Amba calls out Hetal and Natasha. Dhawal returns home.

Amba asks him to come. She asks what happened and why you’re worried. He says nothing. She asks Hetal and Natasha to come fast for the puja. Amba asks him to come fast. Seeing them coming, Dhawal says he will go see. Natasha lies to them. Everyone does the Ganesh Aarti. The bahus receive Amba’s blessings. They touch their husband’s feet. Dhawal goes on.

As Chiku spots the Pandya store, his childhood memories flood his mind. He then notices the arrival of Shesh and Mittu, whose wrists are adorned with thread. Curiosity takes over, and he approaches them to eavesdrop on their conversation. Suman informs Shesh about a call that needs to be made. Mittu reminds her that the person might be busy with puja and suggests calling later. Suman agrees, and Chiku’s thoughts shift to Natasha. He remembers how she had hugged Dhawal and praised him for not revealing anything to anyone. However, Dhawal pushes her away and scolds her for lying. Natasha defends herself by saying that she has no other choice. A heated argument ensues between them, catching Amrish’s attention, who questions why she is singing happily if they are fighting.

Hetal remains silent while he inquires, “What was the reason for your departure? Please enlighten me.” Natasha reveals, “Amrish happens to be my brother as well.” Dhawal questions her, “Can you not lend an ear to him? It is possible that he truly is your brother. If I were to speak to your family members and grandmother in such a manner, you would also be displeased.” She responds with sarcasm, “Kudos, Dhawal. I left everything behind and came to you, yet here you are, creating family divisions.” He argues back, “You are the one who started it.” Amrish approaches them, holding a pair of earrings, and asks curiously, “What is this?” Hetal quickly becomes frightened and blurs, “I was just cleaning; they belong to me.” He probes further by asking, “Is there something else you want to tell me?” Natasha interrupts, saying confidently, “Dhawal can go ahead and reveal everything to Amrish. What is the worst that could happen?” Just then, Dhawal enters and announces his need for a private conversation with Amrish. Without another word, Amrish makes his way over to them.


They fight. Natasha comes home and gets shocked. Pranali falls down the stairs. Natasha says Bhaven will go to jail.

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