Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th November 2023: Keerat’s Confession Shocks Everyone


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Keerat accepts that she also loves Veer and has feelings for him, just like he does for her. Everyone stands shocked. Jasleen taunts that the fire is on both sides. Seerat asks Keerat if she knows what rubbish she is talking about. Gurleen tongue-lashes Ajith and Santosh for supporting her daughter and asks what they want to say. Keerat replies, “I love Veer too.”

Ajith taunts Santosh for making her parents’ heads in front of Brars, and Santosh scolds Keerat for making her parents’ heads in front of Brars. Sahiba says no one here is a sinner. Angad says they are all dear ones and should resolve this issue calmly. He yells that Mongas become his dear ones. How can he not see Keerat trapping Veer?

Veer denies any notion of entrapment in their relationship with Keerat and asserts their love for one another. Hansraj remarks on Veer’s growth from a child to a strong individual. Gurleen harshly accuses Keerat of using Veer for financial gain. Jaspal urges her to speak more compassionately and remember that Veer is now an adult. Angad invites Veer and Keerat to join him for a private conversation. Manveer encourages Angad to voice his thoughts openly in front of everyone, while Inder emphasizes the group’s desire to hear from Veer and Keerat.

Gurleen expresses her disappointment in Veer for disobeying her and choosing an unsuitable girl as his future daughter-in-law. Keerat understands Gurleen’s concern for her son but reminds her that she accepted Sahiba when she arrived at their house and wished her well when she enrolled in art school. Gurleen clarifies that her issue is not with Keerat being a part of the Monga family but with her becoming a Brar daughter-in-law due to her lack of fashion sense and masculine dressing style.

Angad and Ajith tell her to be careful with her tongue and say Veer is unfit for Keerat because he has nothing in his favour except being a Brar. Just singing for passion is not enough. Keerat, on the other hand, is trying to become a state-level wrestler. According to Ajith, they are insulting his son at home. Veer is very talented, and Angad says they are insulting him, too.

Similarly, Sahiba says they cannot talk to Veer that way. Ajith says they spoke truthfully. Prabjot says enough of their nonsense; the roadside food vendors are talking about the Brar family. Japjot asks her to calm down. Prabjot says she will not tolerate anyone insulting her family. Santosh plotted to marry her two daughters in the Brar family and is now trying to do the same with her third daughter.

Veer promises to work hard and make a name for himself, but he will not marry Keerat until he does so. Santosh and Ajith take Keerat away from Veer.


Mannat tells Sahiba that she wants to meet Sunny, and she can come here and meet Sunny. Sahiba reaches Mannat without telling Angad and is shocked to find Angad’s doppelganger Sunny.

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