Suhaagan 3rd September 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 3rd September 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with Krish pushing the swing that Bindiya is sitting on. She expresses gratitude for his trust and considers it the perfect gift for her first Teej. Krish reassures her, stating that he cannot bear to accuse or witness anyone accusing an innocent person. He tells her that he knows she is sincere and truthful. The other ladies tease Krish, playfully suggesting that love is in the air. He attempts to excuse himself, citing it as a ladies’ function. Phoolmati jokes that her son-in-law has become shy, prompting Baldev to suggest that they should perform the puja as a couple. Despite Krish’s initial reluctance, he eventually agrees after being persuaded by Baldev and Pandit ji. Before leaving, Krish calls Nikku and instructs him to gather information from the canteen guy and follow any leads regarding Rudra’s activities. Nikku agrees to do so and departs. Krish makes up his mind to expose Rudra in front of Payal once all the necessary evidence is gathered.

He tells everyone that Parvati ji fasted to please Shiv ji and stresses the importance of the fast. Krish is having trouble concentrating and looks at his mobile. Nikku is searching for something. The Pandit ji says that whoever hears the story of Shiv and Parvati will be lucky. Bindiya and Krish do the puja together, and the aarti of the God is then performed by all of the couples. In her prayers to God, Bindiya prays that their Jodi never breaks.

After Nikku comes into a house, she looks shocked. Aarti is performed by all of the couples. Krish gets a call and attends it. Payal performs the aarti and says her wishes will soon be fulfilled. Nikku calls Krish and informs him that he has some information about Rudra, which is enough to call off the wedding. Krish says he will come. When Bindiya calls and gives him prasad, she asks him where he is going. Krish says he is going for urgent work.

It’s not possible to go now, since there is a wedding mahurat at 7 pm, and baraat is due soon. Krish says it won’t happen, and then says without me. Bindiya agrees and asks him to come soon. Krish leaves. Dadi asks Bindiya where Damad ji is? Bindiya says he will come soon. Payal is asked to come and get ready. Krish leaves. Indu’s friends praise her for the decorations, and she leaves. Damad ji leaves.

Krish approaches Nikku, who comments on his disgusted appearance and encourages him to see it for himself. Meanwhile, Bindiya helps Payal prepare for her wedding by adorning her with jewelry, bangles, and a bridal dupatta. Dadi and Phoolmati are delighted to see Payal and Bindiya’s efforts, with Phoolmati remarking on her beauty on this special day. They also mention how Bhim initially tried to escape but was persuaded by the Sarpanch to marry Payal. Dadi adds that brides always have a special glow on their wedding day. Bindiya reflects sadly that if their parents were still alive, they would be happy to see this moment.

Payal insists that no one can replace the person she is with, and believes her happiness has finally arrived after a long wait. Bindiya then offers to hold onto everything while Payal goes to grab the boxes, but notices her reaching for a bottle of sindoor. Bindiya halts her and reminds her that this particular sindoor belongs to the wife and cannot be used by anyone else. Payal argues that they share everything, but Bindiya clarifies that some things are exclusively meant for the husband and his suhaag (marriage related items). She reveals that she had specifically purchased this sindoor for Payal. With this revelation, Payal realizes who truly belongs as the groom in their marriage.

As Krish and Nikku enter the house, they notice a photo frame of Rudra and his wife, who is holding their baby. The sight surprises them. Rudra’s wife catches them looking and Nikku greets her. She responds by mentioning their recent arrival. Krish then confirms if she is indeed Rudra’s wife and if the baby is theirs. She affirms both questions. Krish then proceeds to inform her that Rudra is getting married to another woman today, betraying her. He urges her to come and stop the wedding. However, she reveals that she’s aware of his actions and it’s all just an act. Krish is taken aback by this revelation. Suddenly, the sound of the baraat interrupts their conversation and everyone rushes out to see it. Payal thinks to herself that just like this band playing in celebration, Krish’s mind should be freed from its restrictions as well.


Krish pushes Rudra and fills sindoor in Payal’s maang. Bindiya is shocked.


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