Suhaagan 8th October 2023 Written Episode: Payal’s Deception Unfolds


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The episode begins with Bindiya urging Payal to express her gratitude to God for Nidhi’s arrival, which prevented her from revealing the truth to Krish. She points out that if Nidhi had not come, Payal would have been kicked out for not making Kheer for Krishna ji. Payal questions whether Bindiya had consumed bhang before coming. Bindiya clarifies that she only arrived after hearing the truth and proceeds to play a recording, leaving Payal stunned. She expresses disappointment, stating that she thought Payal was fighting for love, but money is the driving factor. Bindiya confesses her shame for being related to someone who is not a good sister, lover, or human being.

She asks her to go from here and says I do not want you to humiliate you and send you from here. According to her, Rudra left the city and deleted the voice from his phone as well. When Payal looks at the boiling kheer, she gets an idea. Bindiya says, “I promise this will remain a secret, and I will not tell anyone. Payal asks, “If I don’t go from here, what then?” Bindiya says, “My phone will ring, and your game will end.”.

Payal snatches Bindiya’s phone and tosses it into the kheer, declaring that the game is over. Bindiya attempts to retrieve her phone from the kheer, but Payal tightly grips her hands and calls Krish for assistance. She informs Krish that Bindiya threw her phone into the kheer and also tried to burn her hand. Krish dismissively remarks that this is just another one of Bindiya’s dramatic acts, much like Payal’s. Refusing to back down, Payal accuses Bindiya of attempting to ruin her kheer. However, Sakshi interjects, pointing out that if Bindiya truly wanted to spoil the dish, she would have added chilli or salt. In agreement, Bindiya defends herself by saying there was no reason for her to sabotage the kheer with her phone.

Payal mentions that Bindiya has been intelligent since childhood and purposely avoided adding an ingredient to avoid getting caught. Krish reprimands Bindiya, while Indu questions why she ruined her first rasoi. Bindiya explains that Payal sabotaged the dish. She declares her intention to tell the truth, but Krish interrupts and demands an apology from Bindiya to Payal. Feeling upset, Bindiya grabs her phone and walks away as Sakshi makes a snide remark. Krish points out how this incident reflects on Bindiya’s character to Indu, who then invites Nidhi to witness the situation unfold. Sakshi comments to Nidhi that she might be upset about the spoiled Kheer but suggests it may be for the better. She contrasts the situation of their daughter coming home with an unwedded daughter-in-law ruining the dish.

After drying her phone with a hair dryer, Bindiya turns to the Servant and inquires about a repair shop. Upon hearing of one nearby, she expresses her gratitude. The Servant then humbly reminds her that he is at her service, but Bindiya insists that he helped her. He kindly advised her to return in an hour as it was lunchtime. Meanwhile, Payal overhears their conversation and schemes to cause trouble for Bindiya within the hour. She quickly contacts the garage and agrees to be in Krish’s car. Slyly, she instructs the mechanic to allow only herself to drive the car within a 5 km radius. With an evil smirk, she tosses the tools near the vehicle.

Krish comes to Payal. Payal acts to cry and says she feels suffocated. Krish says even he cannot get out of this problem. He says I will live with you, then let Papa come, and Bindiya has to leave. He says we’ll go out. Krish says no, and Payal says Didi has arrived and that she will feel bad. He says she should always think about herself, so Payal says she will drive. As a result of playing with his grandchildren, he says he wants to die.

After finding the punctured tyre on her scooter, Indiya opens the seat and searches for tools. She finds the tools near the car and picks them up. She finds the bonnet open and closes it. Krish comes with Payal and sees Bindiya closing it. He asks her to go to the side, as he is in a good mood and going for a long drive with his wife. As soon as Bindiya changes the scooter tyre, she finds the phone to be broken.

Payal plans to drive to Mayur water park. He says no. She thinks they won’t go more than 5 km as planned. She thinks I am driving so that my life is in my hands. She drives and goes with Krish. She sees the oil leaking. The song comes up, and Krish smiles and says that life has ups and downs, but you are my wife, and we live together. He says that we will be together forever.

Seeing Payal back, Krish asks why you seem tense. She tells him she’s nervous because it’s her first time driving. According to her, they’re three kilometres away, and she’ll inform Krish after two kilometres that the oil is leaking. As Bindiya changes the car tyre, she notices an oil line and believes it’s coming from Krish’s car. She follows the line. Krish has been leaking much oil, so Payal thinks she should tell him.


Payal asks Krish to check if oil is coming from the car. Krish tells her to take it to the side. Payal says the brakes have failed. The car falls off the cliff. Bindiya is shocked.

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