Pandya Store 7th August 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 7th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, Dhawal angers Natasha. She gets the stick. He says, “Don’t beat me. He signs Chirag.” She throws the stick at him. He falls over the shelf. The bricks fall over Dhawal. Chirag smiles and leaves. Natasha worries. Suman calls Natasha. She says she didn’t stay back and went to college for her exams, so you will be glad to have her tomorrow. Nitin and his parents leave.

Natasha cradles Dhawal in her arms as he grimaces in pain. She pleads with him to stand up. Suman then suggests his plan of faking a heart attack in order to convince Natasha, without resorting to overacting, that they should work together. Chirag arrives and questions Dhawal about the situation. He asks for an explanation from Natasha, who denies any involvement. However, Chirag starts accusing her of harming Dhawal. He puts on a dramatic performance as he cries and blames Natasha for taking advantage of Dhawal’s condition. In an effort to help, Natasha rushes to get water while Chirag contacts Pranali for medical assistance. Concerned that Dhawal may have been killed, he even considers involving the police.

Natasha says nothing has happened. Pranali checks Dhawal’s pulse. She says his condition is serious. She asks Chirag to call the ambulance. He says you’re a doctor, you call them, they’ll come soon. She calls the ambulance. Chirag shows Natasha. Natasha says I didn’t do anything. He says you clarify to police, a case will be filed. Amba and Chabeli arrive. An ambulance arrives. Shesh doesn’t see Natasha, says she has run away.

Suman plans to return and meet the man, instructing someone to inform others that she had a heart attack. Shesh, upon hearing this news, raises his voice and announces Suman’s condition to everyone. Natasha overhears and excuses herself from Dhawal to go check on Suman. Chabeli also calls out to Dhawal for help while Amba rushes to Suman’s side. Seeing her in distress, Dhawal asks Pranali for assistance. Natasha then urges Shesh and Mittu to call an ambulance which was conveniently stationed outside. As a doctor, Pranali initially checks Suman’s pulse and reassures everyone that it is normal. However, Hetal still insists on examining her closely and leans in, causing Suman to sneeze and wake up. Realizing that nothing had actually happened to her, Natasha points out that Suman had been crying earlier. To this, Suman explains that she fainted from the stress of Natasha sneaking out of the window during their planned stunt. Chirag then admits that their plan had failed while Dhawal starts feeling dizzy and puts on an act for attention. In response, Natasha reprimands him to stand properly and scolds him

Chirag tastes the ketchup, it’s not blood. She says you want to scare me of police, so she asks for the Pandya store. Dhawal asks what, no, it’s nothing like that. Shut up, I have a CCTV camera in my area, so we will find out who did what, and pay for the damage you caused to my shop as well as the five sacks.


Dhawal asks Suman to sell the store, but she refuses and says I’ll give it to Natasha as dowry. Amrish asks Harish to speak to Natasha. Harish says Suman is the problem, Natasha wants to sell it.


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