Maati Se Bandhi Dor 21st June 2024 Written Episode: Jaya’s Revelation Shocks Ranvijay

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 21st June 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvijay wondering why I feel Jaya’s presence here. Jaya applies the haldi to Vaiju. Vasundhara asks her to steal Ranvijay’s haldi and use it to Vaiju, which will cause the bride to glow more. Jaya worries. She says I will hide and go. She leaves. Kaveri says there should be singing and dancing now. Vasundhara asks her to start. Kaveri dances on Chalka Chalka Re. Ranvijay sees Vaiju.

While Vaiju dances with Vasundhara and Durga, Jaya steals Ranvijay’s haldi from behind. He gets her ring. He remembers making Jaya wear the ring. He turns to see Jaya going upstairs. He follows her. He imagines romancing Ranvijay. Vaiju looks around. Vasundhara stops Vaiju. Jaya hides from Ranvijay. She was shocked when he came in front of her.

He stops her and asks what’s going on, what are you doing here. Jaya says it’s your marriage; enjoy it. He asks what you’re doing here; answer me. Jaya says I’m from the girl’s side, Durga’s a relative, I’m coming to attend your wedding, and I’m so glad you moved on. Vaiju comes that way. Ranvijay scolds Jaya and stops her.

He declares his love for me and expresses hope for our union. Despite feeling your presence, I dismissed it as an illusion. However, to my surprise, you are indeed here with me. Please do not toy with my emotions. Do you still have feelings for me? Vaiju overhears their conversation and becomes stunned. Ranvijay pleads with her to tell him the truth. Jaya insists that she has already told him multiple times – that he is marrying Vaiju, who will bring him happiness. He questions her about why she admitted to loving him. She immediately regrets saying it and decides she should leave. He begs her to understand that he genuinely loves her. Vaiju catches them in this exchange.

Jaya says try to understand, bye forever. She pushes him and leaves. She cries. Vaiju and Ranvijay cry. Jaikant drinks and dances. He says it’s my brother’s wedding, drink more alcohol for me, I’ll celebrate. Nagaraj says Ranvijay should get ready and come for Rasam. Vaiju recalls Jaya’s words. She asked where Jaya was and said I’d like to speak to her. Durga says I’d like to talk to you as well. She gives Vaiju a nosepin.

To become a good wife and good bahu, she says you need to respect each other, make decisions based on mutual understanding, and forgive each other’s mistakes. Vaiju cries. Durga says love is also imp. Does Ranvijay love you? I know you started loving him. Love happens after marriage. It’s strong. He’ll fall in love with you.


Vasundhara comes to do the rasam, but Vaiju stops her and refuses to marry Ranvijay. Vasundhara is shocked.

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