Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd March 2023 Written Episode Update

Written Episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, 23rd March 2023 on

As Sai prepares for the Gudi Padwa festival, she draws rangoli on a table instead of a lawn. Savi recalls Paakhi spoiling her rangoli and says it doesn’t matter whether she draws it on a table or a lawn.

Her father’s family is celebrating Gudi Padwa for the first time, so Sai asks her to join them in preparing Gudi with her. Vinayak brings flower gajras for them. Sai says she is not part of their family, so she will prepare Gudi here and Savi can join even her. Sai hesitates and says she will wash her hand and apply gajra afterwards. Savi asks if they are still fighting. Sai fixes gajra in her hair. Virat walks in. Savi asks Virat to fix gajra in Sai’s hair.

Virat says a person shouldn’t get so carried away, it’s just a gajra. Sai says it doesn’t matter to him, but it matters to her. Virat fixes her gajra and looks at them in the mirror. Savi takes a picture of them and says baba fixed Aaayi’s gajra. Sai wishes Virat a happy Gudi Padwa in Marathi. Savi asks Sai to wish Virat back. Sai ignores and tells Vinu to prepare Gudi. Virat says we should go. Sai says she means her, Savi, and Vinu and warns him not to come near her again or cross his limits. Virat stands silently.

As Satya searches for his mother and aunts, he asks them to arrive soon for Gudi Padwa. At Chavan Naivas, Bhavani asks everyone to have neem leaves on an empty stomach to keep them healthy all year round. The aunt walks to him playing the drums, followed by his grandma and sister Maddy. Amba joins them next, performing pooja.

Vinu and Savi hesitate to eat leaves and ask each other for their share. Savi says it’s very bitter and hides it under a box. Sai catches her and asks her to eat leaves silently so she receives a gift. Vinu and Savi eat leaves in a weird way. Sai then asks them to wear a batasha/sweet garland.

Sonali comments her drama has started again. Paakhi stops Vinu and says he should have sugar on an empty stomach. Virat says it’s a festival and feeds Vinu batasha. Bhavani says she’s enjoying her family’s festival after a long time and thanks Sai for completing it. Paakhi feels jealous hearing that and recalls meeting a lawyer to file a complaint against Sai.

A Marathi song is played by Satya and his dance. Everyone applauds them. When Bhavani asks Virat and Paakhi to make a Gudi for pooja at Chavan Nivas, Paakhi taunts Virat about whether he wants to make a Gudi with her or Sai. Sai makes a Gudi next to Virat as he walks in front.

She asks Sai not to bother because she has a family with her. She asks Savi and Vinu to help her fix it. Sai’s hospital ward boy brings a letter for her. Sai thanks him.

When Paakhi takes Vinu inside, Sai reads a letter and stands shocked. Virat asks what it says. It reads that Paakhi has filed a medical negligence lawsuit against her Pulkit, claiming they intentionally harmed Paakhi by removing her uterus unnecessarily. This may result in the cancellation of both of their medical licenses.


As treating patients is the only purpose of her life, Sai requests that the medical officer listens to her once before deciding on her case. It turns out that the officer is Satya. Satya says she performed an illegal operation on her ex-husband’s wife. Virat enters and tries to explain. Satya says Sai’s case became complicated because of him.

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