Dabangii 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Arya’s Escape Plan

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The episode begins with Zai saying we will play a game. Ankush says give me the phone. He goes to answer. Bela asks Baba whose call it is. Ankush answers the call. Arya shouts at Baba and cries. You recognize my voice, take me from here, Kaka had sent me to boarding school, scold him and tell him I remembered your number.

Akush worries. She asked if she was in Mumbai. I’m coming, so talk to me. He wonders from whose phone she called. The principal takes the phone. Arya says she took my phone. Satya says to do a lot of publicity for the school event. Arya thinks I’ll stay locked. The lady says Arya is a thief, take her away, don’t go in front of the chief guest.

Arya thought the party would come and give me a ticket. The lady asks the teacher to lock Arya in a room without windows. She hears the teacher teach the poem to the students. Arya laughs aloud. The teacher says you are laughing at others. You will know when you need to say it. She tells the poem well.

In front of the chief guest, the teacher smiles and asks the students to see. She tells them that the chief guest’s mother tongue is Marathi, so students won’t be able to recite the poem. But Arya is reciting it well. The principal says no way, no means no, we can’t bring her in front of the chief guest. Aai taunts Kasturi.

Satya receives Patil’s call, surprised to hear that he has been summoned to Mumbai by the party leader. Kasturi reveals that she had asked Patil for a favour in exchange for keeping his secret from his wife, showing her determination not to give up. Satya commends her efforts and agrees to dance according to her wishes. He then asks Chandrao to play music and starts dancing. Aai thinks she is a Naagin as she watches on with a smile. Kasturi also smiles and notices Aai’s reaction. Suddenly, Tanmay appears and joins in the dancing.

The whole group dances together when Aai, whose face is now filled with anger, shoots them a piercing look. Out of nowhere, Kasturi suggests they accompany her and Tanmay on a trip to Mumbai. Satya chimes in, encouraging her to shop to her heart’s content. He then turns to Aai and asks if she will join them. However, Kasturi explains that her knee pain prevents her from travelling and she must also take care of the household. Satya agrees and declares that they will go to Mumbai tomorrow no matter what happens, boldly stating that no one can stop him from getting the party ticket. As Chandrao speaks to the principal on the phone, he/she confirms that all preparations have been made for their trip to Mumbai, which would only take 3 hours. Hearing this, Arya becomes excited as she realizes that the chief guest is going to Mumbai, and she may finally get the chance to meet her father there. Determined, Arya persuades the principal to allow her to recite a poem at the event.

She recites the poem. The lady says she’s good. Arya says give me a chance. The teacher says we will take her backstage after she finishes the poem. The Principal says okay, we’ll try her. It makes Arya happy when Ankush asks if there is any evidence of a murder there. Constable says there was a crowd, but we couldn’t find anything. Ankush says to keep trying. He wonders whether Arya is okay. Ankush calls the school and asks if everything is going well.

The peon says Satya is coming for the function, so everyone is busy. Ankush is shocked. He thinks he will reach the school. Satya arrives at the school. Kasturi and Tanmay arrive as well. Tanmay says he wants to go to the toilet. Satya talks to the reporters. Chandrao says Satya is calling you. Kasturi says to take Tanmay to the washroom. She goes to Satya. Satya says education is essential for the new generation. Ankush is on the way. The teacher asks Arya to wait backstage until Ankush gets there.

The peon stops Chandrao by telling him the principal is calling. Tanmay and Arya collide. She wonders how she can get to Mumbai if he catches me. She runs. Tanmay chases her. She falls and hurts herself. She cuts his t-shirt and laughs at him. He cries and runs to Kasturi. Satya says Tanmay is brave and has all the qualities of a role model.

After insulting Satya, a man asks Tanmay if he will become a role model, and Kasturi covers Tanmay with her saree and hugs him. Satya gets angry. He leaves. The principal asks him to stop. Chandrao says Satya got insulted here, and he will not stop. Satya scolds Kasturi and says he doesn’t think Tanmay is my son. He asks Chandrao to sit in the car. He asks Kasturi and Tanmay to go home, and they will not accompany him.

Kasturi is adamant and insists, “I want that girl. Where could she be?” The Principal, on the other hand, requests the teachers to locate Arya. However, Ankush strongly believes that Satya should not have any claim over Arya. The teacher asks how they will justify this to Arya’s guardian. Suddenly, Ankush appears and inquires about Arya’s whereabouts. The Principal informs him that she is nowhere to be found and it’s not their responsibility since Satya left the event because of her. He boldly declares, “You can’t say anything about my girl.” Meanwhile, Arya takes refuge in Satya’s car as she plans her escape to Mumbai. Ankush observes that she has been through a lot and must still be around. But when the teacher confirms that she is not in school, he demands to know how she managed to leave without anyone noticing.

Ankush recalls Arya’s words. He wonders if she went to Mumbai with Satya. He gets Arya’s locket and looks at the car tyre marks.


Arya gets out of the car and leaves. Chandrao looks around. Ankush follows Satya’s car.

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